World Illustration Awards (2017) – Entries Call

The illustration is a unique field. I’d say this is the sole field in which the worker enjoys himself/herself working. It is only here a person can put his/her thoughts to come up with creations. This field deserves to be celebrated. World Illustration Awards give us the opportunity to celebrate the world’s most inspirational illustration. This is in place for the last forty years and presenting the most esteemed award for extant illustration in the United Kingdom. This time, it has come with grandeur by partnering with ‘Directory of Illustration’, a US-based directory. Thus, the event is elongating its outreach to the universal audience.

Although there are several popular illustration websites like, award ceremonies make the illustrators feel the pride of their works. As everyone knows, 2016 Awards was a great success with >2,300 entries from sixty-four nations. The winner mentioned that the award is really motivating the budding illustrators. Awards like these will help us to grow the illustration talent thereby, enabling us to welcome more clients.

World Illustration Awards

About the Ceremony:

The entries coming into this ceremony will be carefully reviewed by the juries and will be shortlisted. The shortlisted work would be a reflection of outstanding works that have made an exceptional contribution to culture. These will then be published on

The event is being sponsored by ‘Affinity Designer’. This is our sponsor for design genre. As such, the winner of every genre will be given with software package from Affinity Designer plus 1-year free subscription with AOI. The winners will be pronounced during August at Somerset House, London. This month-long expo will be accompanied by artists’ workshops.

Participation Prerequisites:

This event is open to all the illustrators and there is no restriction about it. You can be working on any platform, context, and location. You are allowed to enter. You can either enter as ‘New Talent’ or ‘Professional’ entry. Entries to the ‘New Talent’ can be students (UG/PG) whereas, to the ‘Professional’, it means professionals. You can either submit by yourself or through third parties.

However, it’s to be noted that the work should have been created/published between Jan 01, 2016 and Feb 2017. Other than this, any work can be entered into any genre. Both single and multiple entries are allowed. However, for multiple entries, max of five entries only will be accepted.

Note: All the Professional entries should be commissioned, no matter what the genre is. However, this is exempted for self-initiated works.

Special this year:

As mentioned, software package and AOI membership are new additions. Besides, the event is now accepting payments in various currencies like Pound, USD, and Euro.

As such, the cost of entries will be 25£ (Single entry), 45£ (Multiple entry). This equals 33$ (Single entry) and 60$ (Multiple entry).

Dates to note:

Call for entries: Opened on Feb 06, 2017 running through May 2017

Announcement of Shortlisted works: Jun 2017

Category winners Announcement: Jul 2017

Awards Ceremony + Expo + Workshops: Aug 2017

Awards Catalogue publish: Aug 2017

National/International Tour: Oct/Nov 2017