Will Uber Replace All Corporate Cars Companies?

Using taxi cab and car service is among the ways of travelling through the city. A lot of people use these services daily. Taxi cab is older than the car service. Uber is a wide car service where a customer can request a car ride through the smart phone application. It is very convenient for people because a nearby driver accepts your offer and arrives at your pick up place within no time. It will save your time and money because they charge you according to the distance. You do not have to pay in cash always and no tips are demanded by the driver.

To assess will Uber replace all corporate cars companies, we need to compare both the services. The advantages of getting the Uber services are more than hiring a taxi cab. First of all, the drivers hired by Uber should be of good health and must have a good driving record, preferably no jail time, own a four door insured vehicle. The drivers hired by Uber do not have to work full day as they can work in part time according to their needs and spare time.

Corporate Cars Companies

Mostly, corporate cars companies have different policies and procedures for their customer service and employees. Renting a car or vehicle by a person for business purpose is as easy as hiring for you. If you increase the number of cars for rent, you will get discount on rates.

While hiring vehicle from corporate company, pricing rate is told beforehand and you will get an e–receipt at the end. You get to know the type of vehicle offered to you through a picture so there are no surprises. You can select a vehicle according to your needs. Check out the condition of the vehicle carefully before renting.

As it is well said, nothing is perfect. Every company has its negative and positive prospects. Uber is available in many cities and countries across the six continents. It has a large network of cars and it is very popular among people. But it has also faced some propaganda about its policies. For example, Uber does not rank its drivers as its employees and the drivers do not get any kind of benefits like insurance and healthcare.

The drivers have no need to know about the geography of the area but they just need to know how to read maps properly. Due to the increasing use of GPS, they can just feed the required address in GPS and bring you to your destination in time. Uber is cheaper than other cab firms because they charge less. They do not have a taxi meter fitted in the cars like in cabs. Finding parking for personal car is always a problem and in case of drinking, arriving home safely needs car service. Using Uber ensures you a safe and on time arrival because you can watch the whole location on your application. So, drivers hired by Uber are more reliable and trustworthy than other cab drivers and we can easily predict will Uber replace all corporate cars companies?