Why You Need To Install Your Cartridge Heaters Correctly

As reliable heating elements, cartridge heaters are designed to suit various needs and wants. Generally, they are used to heat metal parts and can be inserted into drilled holes. When using cartridge heaters, you want to make sure that your heaters distribute heat evenly, hence why it’s so important that they are installed correctly!

There are countless reasons why you need to make sure that your industrial cartridge heaters are carefully installed, including the following:

Cartridge Heaters Correctly

Production time

For heat to transfer successfully, your cartridge heaters need to be fitted correctly. After choosing the right heater diameter, it’s only right that it’s installed to maximise the transfer of heat- making the process of installation highly efficient.

If installed correctly, the high watt cartridge heaters are used to speed up the transfer of heat; making it ideal for a quick source of heat.

Prevent leaks

When installing the industrial cartridge heaters, don’t rush the process! Rushing the installation of your heaters will only compromise quality and efficiency. Any heaters that are installed incorrectly are likely to cause leaks, meaning heat won’t be distributed evenly.


You need to carry out careful maintenance for any low watt cartridge heaters. For cartridge heaters that are installed efficiently, you needn’t worry about maintaining them as frequently as heaters that are installed incorrectly.

By installing cartridge heaters securely, you can prevent any damage to cables, ultimately eliminating the risk of electric shocks. Additionally, correctly installed industrial cartridge heaters will allow you to maintain a safe voltage for operation.

Protect leads

Where heat is concentrated, there is a substantial risk of burning and melting. When installing both high watt cartridge heaters and low watt cartridge heaters, you need to make sure that they are installed correctly. If you’re unsure how to install the cartridge heaters, why not leave it to one of the experts at Cartridge Heaters?

Avoid overheating

When choosing industrial cartridge heaters, you’ll need to take into account the environment and the temperatures that your heaters will be prone to. Once you have identified which size heater suits your application best, you should take extra care when fitting them to make sure that they are installed to transfer heat at the desired temperature!

Prolong lifespan

Looking to transfer heat effectively? Look no further than Cartridge Heaters! Cartridge Heaters supply a wide range of high and low watt cartridge heaters, catering for some of the most diverse needs.

The high watt cartridge heaters are designed to provide precise heating and are renowned for their durability. These heaters are high performing- hence why it’s so important that they are installed suitably.

The low watt cartridge heaters are more cost-effective and are considered to be highly resistant. To get the best value for your money and to maximise the lifespan of your heaters, you need to make sure that they are installed reliably!

Should you need to know any more about the installation of cartridge heaters, feel free to call Cartridge Heaters on 0845 688 7332 today!