Why Sitting At Your Desk All Day Can Be Bad For Your Health

Did you know that sitting at your desk could be bad for your health? As a business owner, you want your staff to be healthy, and one way of keeping employees healthy is to have a workplace that promotes health and wellbeing. A healthy workplace extends to ensuring that employee health is not adversely affected from sitting at a desk during the workday.

Sitting at a work desk for long periods of time can have a number of different adverse health effects. Research has established a link between sitting for extended periods of time and a number of health conditions. These include obesity and those conditions associated with metabolic syndrome – ranging from blood pressure and high blood sugar levels to the building up of excess levels of body fat around the waist, and high cholesterol.

Movement, even minimal movement, can have a profound impact on your health. Make a start on improving your health at work by standing when on the phone or eating your lunch. As an employer, encourage employees to walk and talk with colleagues, rather than hold meetings in conference rooms where everyone is required to sit down. Simply by standing up from your desk, you burn more calories. Movement also helps trigger those processes that start to breakdown fats and sugars in the body.

Why Sitting At Your Desk All Day Can Be Bad For Your Health

Sitting for an extended period can affect your back, especially if you have a tendency to slouch. The good news is that by doing some simple exercises you can keep your back in good condition. At regular intervals during the working day, stand up from your desk and stretch your back out. Shrug your shoulders to help relieve your neck and shoulder area, and do a torso twist to help provide relief for the upper body area. Do not forget to exercise your arms, hands and legs.

Sitting at a work desk for long periods of time and using a computer can also affect eye health. Eye strain is a common problem for those of us who work with computers. A useful tip is to lift your eyes away from the screen at regular intervals and focus on an object at the other end of the room, allowing your eyes a break from the glare. In addition, ensure that you take regular breaks of a few minutes’ duration from your computer. Those breaks do not necessarily have to be coffee or lunch breaks – you can simply choose to do another work task away from your computer screen.

As an employer, promote awareness of eye health among your employees with regular eye check-ups if possible, or by ensuring that your staff are made aware of eye health professionals locally who can help them.

As we age, eye health issues become more common, but the great majority of them are treatable. Denver eye surgeons will give you an idea of what eye conditions can be successfully treated using laser eye surgery.

Healthy staff are happy staff, and happy staff are motivated staff, so ensure that your employees’ health and wellbeing is not suffering from being at their work desks.