Which Type of Hair Extensions Fit Your Natural Hair Best

With so many choices on hair extensions, it is a great challenge to pick a right hair extensions that are best for you. There are a a lot of hair brands in the market, each has different advantages and shortcomings, so you must learn some techniques to pick the best hair extensions.

First, hair texture. This is the first thing you must consider when purchasing hair extensions. Choose the right texture according to your own natural hair. If you have a straight texture of hair, then do not buy wavy or curly extensions, or your whole look will be destroyed by this hair extension.

Second, hair color. Choose the extensions that closely match your natural hair color, unless you want to try some highlights on your hair. There are a wide range of colors, which include #1b, medium brown, n dark brown, #613, ombre, etc., if you are going to try Ombre, get some bold dresses ready as well. It is also a good idea to buy a natural hair extension to dye it into any color you desire.

Third, hair length. Long locks allow you to have more chances to try a lot of hairstyles. So most people are willing to buy long hair extensions. When deciding on which length of extensions to buy, you need to consider your face shape.


Fourth, hair material. Between synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions, you need to make a choice on the basis of your budget and personal love. Please be aware that synthetic extensions are less expensive but they do not look as natural as human extensions. I recommend human hair extensions for every one, because it lasts longer and wear comfortable. Human hair extensions can be divided into virgin and non-virgin hair extensions. Certainly, virgin hair that has all cuticle laying facing the same direction is the best choice, it has a long hair luster and natural look.

Where to Buy?

After considering the factors above and deciding on which type of extensions you are going to buy, then where to find it? This is the last step but very important, if you can not make a correct choice on a hair dealer, the all work you have done before will be wasted. To save your time and money, here I recommend a hair company I often buy extensions from. If you agree, I can recommend you directly to them. The company named New Star Hair, which was founded in 2011, they have their own factory, research and sales team, I introduced this vendor because I bought from them several times and has gotten the greatest satisfaction. Their products are mainly wholesale Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and so on. Well, you can also have a wide choices from hair textures to cheap wigs. Clients in the United States could directly go to their stores in New York or Atlanta. Besides, for bulk orders, they offer you cheap wholesale price which you can not find in other places. Hope you beautiful ladies get the best extensions.