What You Need To Know About Social Work

If you’re looking for a rewarding job that will allow you to help people on a constant basis, social work might be for you. It’s a challenging role that requires extensive training in order for you to do your job well, but it’ll be well worth it due to how much good you’ll be doing. Of course, given the importance of the job, you will have to work hard to gain the necessary qualifications to be considered to fill a vacancy.

One of the most common routes into social work is by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in social care. Many great universities offer this course, and you’ll usually need a minimum of 5 GCSEs and 2 A-Levels to be offered a place. You’ll probably also need to gain some industry experience before being considered for a full-time position, and many universities will assist you in securing work placements to prepare you for the real working world.

Of course, you might have only just decided you want to become a qualified social worker after completing a degree in an unrelated subject. If this sounds like you, you should look for a university that offers a short course leading to a master’s degree, which usually last around two years. However, before you dedicate yourself to this line of work, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.


What Social Work Entails

Essentially, your whole job will revolve around helping people improve their lives, whether that means groups, families or individuals. Sometimes, what people may tell you may be upsetting or disturbing, so you should know you’ll need to be strong in order to do your job successfully. Some of the people you may work with include:

  • Children and adults with mental health issues, learning disabilities or physical disabilities
  • People who face a risk from abuse and neglect
  • People with an addiction
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Young offenders
  • Senior citizens

Basically, you’ll be there to offer help and assistance to anybody who needs it. It might sound like a stressful job, and undeniably, it can be, but you’ll be doing a world of good to the people who really need your help.

Ongoing Training and Finding a Job

After you’ve gained the necessary qualifications and work experience, you’ll be ready to enter the working world. However, in reality, training never stops.

You’ll need to take part in ongoing training programmes to make sure you’re aware of the latest and most beneficial methods and techniques, as well as to give you a competitive edge over other job seekers. Most important of all, ongoing training will help you make sure you’re the best social worker you can be.

When you are ready to find social work jobs, or are looking for further training, Service Care Solutions can help you. Just make sure you know what the role entails because it’s an undeniably demanding position that requires you to really dedicate yourself to your work.