What Should You Do If You Can’t Find a Job After College?

So you’ve spent the past four years of your life slaving away, besting exam after exam until one day you left campus with a degree-in-hand ready to take on the world. The problem is, you can’t find a job. Ouch. Been there, done that.  I personally know what it’s like to attend college, obtain a degree and not be able to find a job right away. It happens. It’s not fun, it can be stressful and it’s really a grounding experience. Fortunately, my story had a happening ending and I’m going to help you find yours as well. Read on to learn what you should do if you can’t find a job after college.

Stay Optimistic

Yes, the last thing you probably want to hear when you can’t find a job is to remain optimistic. It almost comes off as cruel.  Your inner dialogue sounds like why should I stay optimistic, I can’t find a job you know!Well, I’m telling you to keep a positive attitude.

Find a Job After College

Life doesn’t always go the way we planned it to; that’s just the way life is. When you’re in a bad situation, stay optimistic. It’s only when you’re optimistic that you can begin to notice the other opportunities that present themselves to you. Don’t be hard on yourself or get bogged down in what hasn’t gone according to plan; if you stay focused with a sense of optimism then, with enough time and enough applications, you will finally land that first job.

Keep Applying for Jobs

Even if you’re convinced that you cannot land a job, keep applying anyway. You never know what set of eyes will be reading your apps! You need to apply to jobs simply because that’s how you get jobs. You won’t magically wake up one day employed, you need to do some work on your end to make this possible.

I advise you to make a plan of applying to a minimum of 10 jobs per day. Over the course of two weeks, that will lead to 140 opportunities. The more places you apply, the better chance you have at landing a job.

Keep Costs Low

If you’re not brining money in, you then have to save what money you have left. Save every cent you can spare. In some cases,this will require you to move back home or possibly defer on your student loans. If you’re working on minimizing expenses that that also means you’ll have to augment your social life and stay in on the weekends. Whatever you do, save money.


Spend your time volunteering! This is a great way to network, make a difference, and use your time productively. Volunteering is a great way to fill a sense of purpose and also give you something to do in your free time. If possible, try to volunteer in places that will help you get a job in the field of your choosing.


There is truth in the saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ When you can’t find a job, you should network with as many people as you know, and introduce yourself to even more people that you don’t know. Use LinkedIn, join groups and introduce yourself to the world. If you network well, you will never find yourself unemployed.


In the big picture, not being able to find work happens to millions of people. It’s important relax and realize that with enough hard work and determination you’ll be ok and find a job. Sure, in some cases you might have to go back to school. Sure, in some cases you might have to work a job that you feel is beneath you.

Relax. Life is full of peaks and valleys; know that you’ll be ok. You’ll have plenty of chance to put UC’s master of health administration to good use. If you do what it takes to land a job, eventually you will.