What Is the Availablilty for CPA Jobs in Southern California?

Navigating the job market means finding out where your job is in demand before you spend a lot of energy pounding the pavement. Luckily, if you are looking for a position in the southern half of California, you have plenty of options, because a wide assortment of communities are experiencing the kind of economic growth that drives demand for accounting and bookkeeping services, because there is wide availability for financial jobs, including CPA jobs, in the area. The key for any candidate is identifying the cities where the current opportunities have popped up, and there are a couple ways to do that.

CPA Jobs in Southern California

Finding Demand Through Independent Research

Checking with authorities like the Bureau of Labor Statistics will give you an idea which cities in your area are growing, and that can help you target your job search when you do independent research. This kind of work can take a lot of time, but it does make sure you are being as specific as possible when you hunt for positions, and that gives you a better chance of identifying a top job.

The only issue with this approach other than the time factor is the fact that a large portion of the open positions out there will not be filled through the traditional job market. They will instead be filled with the help of social networks and connections, both organic ones developed by their employees and cultivated ones like human resources agencies, Orange County headhunters, and staffing services firms.

Finding CPA Jobs Through an Agency

When you work with an agency or staffing firm, you get:

  • Access to opportunities you would never have heard of otherwise
  • A streamlined experience where you are presented with opportunities that fit your resume and work history
  • A path into some of the top firms in southern California

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