What is a Sign Tray? (And Why Does Your Business Need One?)

In the dog-eat-dog world of modern business, one of the most important things a business can do is catch the attention of the public and present a solid brand. Good business branding often makes the difference between success and failure, highlighting your premises to potential customers and kindling brand recognition in those who know you already, reminding them of what they loved in the first place and bringing them back through your doors again. But how to achieve this recognisable brand?

That’s a question that we seek to answer here at SignTrade Letters. We can provide the high-quality signs that your business needs to put its mark on the world, creating an instantly-recognisable, cost-effective and long-lasting sign that will draw the eye of customers and represent your brand as you need it to be represented.

Why Does Your Business Need One

What is aSign Tray?

You may have noticed a popular sign type with successful businesses which makes use of flat trays of aluminium to create a sign with intense presence and a dramatic appearance – this is a tray sign. Aluminium tray signs are particularly popular thanks to the corrosion-resistance, lightweight nature, high strength and relative workability of aluminium, providing a versatile and long-lasting sign that can be personalised in any number of ways to make it more completely representative of your business.

The sign trays available from SignTrade Letters are made from high quality aluminium, with corners welded and dressed expertly to ensure a smooth, even finish and easy handling during installation. They can be made in any colour or pattern you need, and are an excellent, versatile way to make your business stand out against the competition.

What Sets Sign Trays Apart?

Sign trays from Signtrade Letters are made to order, providing you with a completely bespoke, completely unique business sign. Whatever your requirements, we can work with you to help meet them and make sure that your business is well-represented by its signage, creating an attractive sign that encapsulates what your business is and catches the eye – and the imagination – of your customers.

Why Does My Business Need a Tray Sign?

A business is not complete without its branding, and no brand asset is as powerful as your sign. The actual, physical marker of your business, your business sign is the thing your customers use to identify your enterprise, the flag that they look for to see you among the crowd. Without it, new customers are less likely to discover you and existing customers are less likely to revisit. Since a sign is such a vital part of your business’ success, it’s important to get one which works for you and carries your brand as successfully as possible – versatile, long-lasting and visually stunning aluminium sign trays are the ideal sign for this purpose!

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If you would like more information on sign trays – particularly the aluminium sign trays offered by SignTrade Letters – you can get in touch with our head office by calling us on 08085 456700 or visiting the SignTrade site via any of the links in this blog post. The tray sign experts at SignTrade Letters look forward to speaking with you!