What can be the dangerous side effects on Winstrol on Women?

Most side effects cannot be avoided unless you lower the dosage to the point both the positive and negative effects are lost. However, the possible side effects do not mean that it has so solution. There are number of ways to deal with then so as to reduce their impact. The short and long term side effects of this steroid could be amplified or reduced if you stack it with other anabolic steroids. If you do feel the side effects, then you have to take steps to minimize them. Some side effects are prone to women as the product is generally used by females only.

Winstrol on Women

Side effect

  1. There are some similarities and dissimilarities associated with side effects in men and women. Hair losses are observed in men whereas the reverse happens in case of women. Winstrol side effects in women may cause excess hair growth brought about by hirsuitism. Headaches are another short term effect.
  2. The side effects are often felt during the first few days and may even last throughout your first cycle. After that your body may fit to follow the adjustments. Long term side effects are more serious in nature. If the side effects are prominent, it may ends up to liver damage. Other few more possible side effects include:
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Women might experience changes in their menstrual cycle
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Difficulty urinating
  1. It may also cause depression, edema and fluctuation in the minerals and vitamin level in their body, especially potassium and calcium phosphate. However, women athletes love Winstrol because it provides androgenic effect on low level in comparison of many other steroids in market today. It is preferred among women athletes and bodybuilders- reducing fat and giving leaner body mass, and therefore generally used by females only.
  2. The main reason that women will use Winstrol cycle is for weight loss results. This will result in leaner, harder and defined and they too will preserve a lot of lean tissue and strength that are many times lost while dieting. To get these results, females only need a small dosage of about 10 mg every other day for 5-6 weeks of use in a cycle.
  3. Whenever any female who supplements with Winstrol experience virillization side effects, she should immediately discontinue using this steroid and need to seek medical aid. If you stop using this in case of side effects (if any), you will be fine.

Women are far more sensitive to these steroids, and while they will benefit from its use in a cycle it can be very beneficial to women for bulking than more than men. Using this may be able to produce a lot of positive results, but you have to be smart to keep an eye on negative effects as well. If yuou are taking standard dosage of this steroid and in limit, your liver should be okay once you have ended the cycle. If you want to take care of your lever, avoid liver toxicity.