What are Hoverboards? Are They Safe?

Hoverboards are a self-balancing scooter. They look like and work like a Segways without a handle, they move faster when you lean forward and slowly comes to a halt when you lean backward. While riding it, a subtle movement in any direction will determine the direction the hoverboard will go to.

The hoverboard has two extremely sensitive footpads that let you control the speed and steer in any direction. The hoverboard starts moving the moment you step your feet on it. If you are not used to riding a hoverboard, getting on and getting off might be difficult for you. What can help you is to learn how to balance and remain steady while on it. Although this might be tough at first, but if you keep practicing you will get used to it.

Learning to keep your core balanced and your claves slightly bent will help you steer better while you are on it.

What are Hoverboards

Why are hoverboards so popular?

Learning to ride a hoverboard can be tricky at first but with time you will get the hang of it. After you have mastered the basics you will find riding a hoverboard as an extension of yourself. Using a hoverboard also give you the opportunity to pick up speed (faster than walking or jogging).

Some hoverboard can be very expensive, but there are smaller and cheaper ones that can still give you a wonderful gliding experience. They are very much accessible and can be purchased in stores or online.

Why hoverboards are so hot

The major reason why hoverboard is hot is that a lot of celebrities like-Nick Jonas, Skrillex, Justin Bieber, Kendell Jenner and many others use them in their homes or in public.

Another reason why hoverboard is hot right now is that it has become a game changer in the world of personal transportation and also it brings innovation into the world of transportation.

A lot of teenager and adult have always dreamt of becoming superman or some action figure. Hoverboard makes them have a taste of their dream. A lot of kids are dying to get a chance to get on a hoverboard.

Are hoverboards safe?

Falling off

As a result of the fast and flexible nature of the hoverboard, there is a chance that users might injure themselves while using it. Some hoverboard can reach speeds of 10mph or even more. Imagine falling off while you at such a high speed. To reduce the occurrence of an injury while on a hoverboard, use them only on smooth surfaces or with lots of space for you to turn.

Another way you can protect yourself when using a hoverboard is to wear safety gears, which include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. Wearing these protective gears will reduce your chances of having a serious injury even if you fall.

Traffic accidents.

Users of Bikes and skateboards are exposed to the risk of getting an accident, especially in narrow streets. Not too long ago a teen was killed by a bus in London while he was riding a hoverboard. So, please don’t ride a hoverboard in areas that have high traffic and in streets. The safest place to ride a hoverboard is in your home.

Steep hills.

Some hoverboards will not work if you want to go up or down a hill. There are presently no height limits when it comes to using a hoverboard, but you must keep it in mind that if you lift yourself above the ground by more than 4inches, you are likely to get a head injury if you fall while riding it.

Weight limitations.

All over, hoverboards have a maximum weight limit. These limits are put in place to protect the scooter as well as the rider. You should ensure that you check the weight limit of a hoverboard before purchasing it in a store or online.

Where to ride a hoverboard

In some states, it is illegal to ride hoverboards on streets and walkways. In New York City, riding a hoverboard on the street can lead to an arrest and also a fine of $200 but in places like California, hoverboards can be used without serious restrictions. Many schools, airports, and other public places ban hoverboards.

You should do well to consider the risk involved as well as the legal balloon that circles hoverboard riding before getting one for yourself.