Vw Invests In Electric Battery Manufacturing

With today’s developments in electric vehicle technology, Volkswagen is amongst the car producers adapting to the changes. The German manufacturer has announced plans to invest £754m ($870m) by 2020 in the development of components for electric cars and will be manufacturing batteries and charging points for electric vehicles. Castings and engines are currently manufactured at VW’s car plant in Hanover; however, there are now plans to produce electric car charging stations at the plant. Shares in the company rose by 2.5 per cent, possibly due to this announcement.

Invests In Electric Battery Manufacturing

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Future plans

Volkswagen’s says that the new charging stations to be produced will consist of cells from the batteries of electric cars that have been combined into storage power banks. These power banks will have the capacity to recharge as many as 15 cars at once and will be able to be transported to where they are needed.

Forbes has identified ‘range anxiety’ as one of the common obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, so this initiative could give the public a greater understanding of the charging infrastructure that could be available.

Future plans

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Mobile charging stations

These mobile charging stations are very flexible and could be transported to temporary venues for sports events or concerts. They would be independent of power supplies and could be set up on a company’s premises or in a public area such as a car park. The flexibility would be very useful for the public and in many industries such as the motor trade, where deliveries could be made over a wide area. Motor trade insurance quotes can be obtained online at sites such as https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance/. Customers of these charging stations will be able to locate them by using a smartphone app.

Plans for this year

Volkswagen plans to set up its first mobile charging stations in Wolfsburg. There are plans to follow this up by rolling them out to more cities in 2020. The company also revealed plans to collaborate with the US vehicle manufacturer Ford on the development of electric vehicle technology.

In recent months, VW has suffered a decline in sales due to its difficulty in adapting to Europe’s new emissions standards, with sales down by 37 per cent in September; however, December’s figure of eight per cent indicates that this is improving.