Vaping Or Smoking – Which One Should You Choose?

Vaping has gained popularity with the introduction of e-cigarettes in 2007 in the United States. The aerosol or vapor produced by an e-cigarette or devices similar to it is inhaled and exhaled by the user and this process is referred to as vaping. Tobacco smoke is not produced by e-cigarettes. An e-liquid, dry herb or a concentrate is used for producing the vapor. Many youths have abstained from cigarette smoking and tobacco through vaping. The rise in the health issues and the number of deaths due to cigarette smoking has actually made vaping quite popular among smokers.

Vaping Or Smoking

What are some of the benefits of vaping over smoking?

Health benefits

Cigarettes comprise of thousands of chemicals of which at least a sixty are cancer producing carcinogens. The number of deaths due to smoking tobacco is alarmingly high all over the world. Compared to cigarette smoking vaping has very few side effects.  So vaping is definitely better than smoking because in the short term vaping is said to have no side effects.

Helps to regain your senses

Cigarette smoking produces more mucus which blocks one’s sinus and most of the cigarette smokers have lost their sense of smell and taste to a good extent. Once the person starts vaping instead of smoking one of the first things that can be noticed is the return of these senses.

Protects your teeth

Compared to the yellow and decaying teeth of cigarette smokers vaping leaves you with a fresh breath and a good smile. It causes no harm to the teeth.

Costs less

The only major expense when it comes to vaping is the cost of the device. Vaping costs only a third of the amount needed for buying cigarettes.

Fewer complaints from people

The smell of cigarettes is disgusting to many of the non-smokers. Vaping gives out a pleasant smell compared to cigarettes.

Vaping prevents bad odor

Cigarette smokers always smell of stale smoke and over the years society has become much less accepting of such people. You are likely to create a negative impression if you walk into a room or public place reeking of smoke. This is not so with vaping which leaves absolutely no smell on or around you.

Vaping tastes wonderful

When it comes to smoking almost all smokers agree that it tastes terrible but they couldn’t give up due to its addictive nature.  With vaping it’s just the opposite considering you have the option to choose from a number of flavors.  Vaping e-liquids & e-juices are available in fruity, creamy and sweet flavors.

Protection of those around you

Cigarette smoking is also killing a number of passive smokers. Studies show around 600,000 deaths all over the world happens due to passive smoking. Choosing vaping over cigarette smoking not only protects your health but also the health of the people around you.


Smoking cigarettes always have a risk attached. It’s one of the major causes of the fire. Vaping has no such risks involved.

Trying to quit smoking cigarettes? Vaping is the perfect solution for you.