Using Email Management To Get More Out Of Your Volunteers

Email Management

Want More Out of Your Volunteers? Learn Our Top Three Tips for Using Email Solutions to Boost Participation

Do you work with volunteers on behalf of your company or organization? Are you looking for new ways to connect them with the mission and opportunities of your organization? Do you want to inspire and motivate them? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then email management solutions can help. Email management solutions make it easy for your volunteers to interact with you — and when the process is easy, people keep coming back to help.

Project management professionals are the top IT professionals of 2015 and widely in demand. The ultimate “project” is running volunteers because it truly is a project while most managers are dealing with paid employees. Non – profits often are not.

Project managers are also some of the best at emailing and handling email software. See the connection?

The key to boosting volunteerism is giving your volunteers something to care about — and when that cause is organized well, they will have a good experience and continue volunteering in the future. Read on to learn our top three tips for using email management solutions to boost your volunteer participation in the new year:

Organize and Mobilize

Tip #1: Organize and Mobilize

If you have a specific campaign or event in which you need a mass of volunteers, then an email management tool is going to help you organize and mobilize that group. Your volunteers are sent a login to a portal where they can receive emails and updates, and recruit others to join the movement. You’ll have everyone in one place and be able to see your group grow. This is one of the greatest strengths of an email management tool — the fact that you import the email addresses of all your volunteers and organize them. You can divide them into sub-groups based upon different volunteer opportunities and then use those lists to customize emails about opportunities and events available to them.

Meeting Volunteers Where They Are

Tip #2: Meeting Volunteers Where They Are

When you’re trying to recruit young volunteers who often are cause-driven and want to help boost the reach of the organizations they love, you have to meet them where they are. Did you know that 8 percent of Millennials will reach out to a company via email when they have a question? An email management solution is going to make it easy for you and your staff to respond to emails from your volunteers in a timely manner. That says so much to a young volunteer who is savvy with technology and is used to getting real-time responses. It lets them know your organization values their voice and cares about customer service enough to respond quickly. You won’t miss an email with a management tool to help you respond.

Retaining Volunteers

Tip #3: Retaining Volunteers

An email management solution also can help you retain your volunteers. Once a campaign is over it doesn’t mean your volunteers are finished interacting with you! Quite to the contrary, you can continue building relationships with your volunteers and you can begin recruiting them for other projects through an email management solution. Email tools are becoming more and more popular, with 27% of service leaders either piloting or planning to use a management tool in the next year to 18 months. So it may be worth it to try your own tool and to give it a trial run. There is so much you can do with an email management tool — and it will keep you organized and prepared for whenever you need to recruit and retain volunteers.

With a little research and experimenting, you can boost volunteerism in your organization. The key is to provide superb customer service — and you can do that with an email management tool. Not only can you recruit and retain volunteers but you can respond quickly to them and even schedule customized auto-responses to make sure they know you are committed to communicating. Best of all, an email management solution also can empower your volunteers as they recruit others. It’s very common for universities, for example, to recruit a team of volunteers who then use the university’s email management tool to reach out to classmates and bring them on board to help organize a class reunion or community service event. There really is so much you can do with an email management tool to mobilize your volunteers. The only thing left now is for your to get started!