Unusual Venues for hire in London

Even though each street in London has a different side of celebration to offer to its patrons, its magic accentuates even more when a gathering takes place in this city. The guest list and the importance of the occasion takes a back seat and location hunt becomes the top priority, whenever one thinks of organizing a large get together in this city. If you are looking at doing something different, here are a few unusual venues to hire in London, which are perfect for your party to stand out:-

Unusual Venues for hire in London

1)    Chelsea Football Club

Which place is better than one of the most prestigious clubs to organize your party? It is one of the most coveted venues in the world, and once you manage to hire it, you have ample of space sprinkled with the spirit of one of the best football clubs in the world to bless your event.

2)    Bounce- Farringdon

When you are looking for venues for hire, with all the potential for you to organize the event your style while still holding on to the distinct identity of the place, then this restaurant is simply perfect. It is perfect not only for the weddings, night parties and conferences, but is an ideal choice for film shoots. You can pick any theme and organize a memorable event.

3)    Drapers Hall

Want to hold an event in the royal style fit for the Queen? Look no further as Draper’s Hall fits the bill perfectly for various reasons. For one, it is not only fit for banquets, fashion shows, film locations, exhibitions, but is also a great option for a grand wedding. Pick a theme, and the venue is quite unconventional to give you a unique touch in the traditional gatherings.

4)    Friends House

Friend’s House is one of the most common yet unusual venues for hire in London! The excellent team here can teleport you from a location of conferences to a perfect setting for a banquet to theatre style cabarets and exhibitions almost seamlessly.

5)    Etc. Venues 155 Bishopgate

Brimming with history, Etc. Venues 155 Bishopgate is designed with movable walls giving the organizer the convenience of flexibility. With a specialized team here, you can put this venue under any test and get desirable results out of it. With an in-house kitchen, the food here can also be prepared to match your needs completely.

6)    Armourers Hall

Home to the Armourer’s company which was founded in the year 1322. Armourers Hall makes for one of the best unique venues in London. With a large space and a dedicated team, the organizer does not need to worry at all about his event being a success.

There is a huge list of venues for hire in London, but the aforementioned are a few unusual ones which make for the best locations to organize an event that you have already planned in your mind. With dedicated teams, your event will pan out just the way it has on your planner and in your mind.