Unique Ways to Advertise a Small Business

When it comes to creating budgets for small businesses, there are lots of things to take into consideration, from the cost of staffing the company through to the amount of money that can be spent each month on advertising. While using the internet is a great way to advertise a business – television, radio and printed adverts are also good channels to take advantage of but have you ever thought about a weird and wonderful way to get your adverts seen by local people?

  • Petrol Adverts

Being able to reach out to locally based people is always a benefit, especially when you run a small business that needs to be able to grow and you can easily reach local clients with petrol advertising by placing your advert on a petrol pump nozzle.

Think about it – local people will be holding your advert in their hands for two-three minutes at a time, thousands of people will see your advert every week and when there’s nothing else to do while filling up a tank with petrol then you should take advantage of this and give your audience an advert that they can read.

Petrol pump adverts can be placed on nozzles at all of the following stations:

Market Your Small Business

  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Co-Op
  • Texaco
  • BP
  • Gulf
  • Esso
  • Jet

It is a unique yet lucrative way to advertise to local people and it is fast becoming a popular way to market a brand.

  • Sponsor Local Events  

Another good way to get your name out and about to locally-based people is to sponsor a local event and any of the following are regularly going on throughout the year:

  • Charity fun-runs
  • School sport’s days
  • Parish church barbecues or cake sales
  • Cricket or football matches
  • Boat races
  • Golf tournaments

This should be a cheap way to get your brand noticed and you can choose between different channels such as handing out flyers or placing full blown banner adverts.

  • Social Media

Forget advertising in the traditional ways that everyone knows about and use social media instead. Not only can you reach out to millions of people but it is also free to use and there are lots of different platforms to use including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Using social media to advertise is a modern way to get a brand noticed and you can do everything such as giveaway freebies like branded t-shirts, promote a sale or advertise new stock.

  • Do a Publicity Stunt

Do something that will get you noticed, such as jumping out of an airplane to raise money for charity and invite a local radio or TV news company along to ensure you get the coverage you want.
In order to make a small business a successful business, you will need to put lots of time and energy into it and if you come up with some unusual and cheap ways to advertise, then hopefully there’s no need to pump lots of money into your marketing campaign just yet.