Tungsten Sharpeners in The Tig Wielding Industry

Tungsten is a very good element that is having a good temperature resistance and hardness. These properties make it an ideal for wielding procedures. Like other welding procedures Tig wielding also needs right type of equipment’s to complete the process and to carry out it properly. TIG power sources are cables and torch and these plays important roles. The core of the wielding process for Tig is unique and that is tungsten electrode.  Tungsten is a non-consumable metal and its highest melting point is 3, 140 degrees. This makes it resistant to high temperature and hardness.

Tig Wielding Industry

 It is important to choose an accurate tungsten if you are carrying out Tig wielding, but it does not need to be difficult and it will also depend upon your knowledge. There are variety of diameters of the tungsten electrodes in which they are available and also available in numerous industrial lengths. Custom lengths are more expensive. The electrodes are made of hybrid or pure tungsten. There are other rare oxides and metals in which you can find them.  To eliminate confusion in the industries they area so having color codes.

  • Pure tungsten (green)
  • 2% ceriated (orange)
  • 5% lanthanated (gold)
  • Rare earth (gray)
  • 2% thoriated (red)

Now you know much about the tungsten and the role in the Tig wielding industry. Now comes the role of the tungsten sharpeners, which are also having importance in the Tig wielding industry. There are commonly two types and these are

  • Benchtop tungsten sharpeners
  • Handheld tungsten sharpeners

Today you are going to find more than fifty designs and brands of the tungsten sharpeners, which means they are important in the welding industry. These both are having their own advantages and disadvantages.  They are having role to play in the Tig industrial applications and many welders undergo training to make the correct use of these units.

Benchtop tungsten is not so messy because a coolant is used in the liquid form to keep the dust contained.  This one is also expensive, but you cannot carry it from one place to another.  This is used in shielding applications and there re many industries which are using these units where contaminants are kept at bay.

 On the other hand, we have handheld tungsten sharpeners. These are of compact size and portable. As compared to the benchtop these are less expensive, but messy.

Look at the reviews

  It is important that you Check tungsten grinder reviews here to know which one I going to suit your application the best. Some welders make use of them and some just rely on the alternatives. Because of the affordability also your decisions are going to vary. It is important that you know more about them and reviews are the best to check to know about their worth.  On the website you are going to get the complete details, different brands designs.  This something important when you need instant help to come to an instant decision. Both the units are having their own unique roles and features so make sure that you learn about both first and then decide.