Trust, but verify with vvscore first!

How verification plays a vital role in the world of digital matrimony

You must have heard announcements being made in market places and local community centers- do not touch unknown bags, beware of theft, always inquire before you rent out your place, etc. These reminders are very important in real life as we travel, meet new people, hire employees, give out our houses for rent and so on. We need to keep a check on the kind of people we deal with and the kind of people we trust. This is not confined to just the hiring and renting process; we also need proper screening of individuals for matrimony purpose. This is about trusting someone for life and is therefore very crucial event.

vvscore first

Mostly, people use social media platforms like Facebook and twitter to check a person’s background and lifestyle, but it might not be authentic and one cannot rely on it completely. Anyone can fill up wrong information in his/her profile just to pretend to be someone he/she is not in real. Some people contact detectives to scrutinize prospects as there are many matrimonial detectives like VVScore in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and other cities of India. But are these detectives trustworthy? What if they get fooled just like you? After all they are also humans and can be cheated upon easily. A more appropriate approach is required to achieve accuracy, and for this we need to involve a background screening website or app. The best option is to use Visual Verified Score- an online scoring system that helps in providing an individual screening certifying background history, individual characteristics, creditworthiness and other traits of a person. It is the perfect precise solution for people to verify people.

There are various aspects of background screening- from educational background clarification, occupation check, criminal background investigation to drug abuse tests, everything is crucial. These precautionary steps are obligatory because it saves the time, energy and money you might have to incur on getting involved with a wrong person or family.

The various aspects of Visual Verified Score that will surely help you in scrutinizing an unknown individual are:

Identity check: This check involves validation of candidate’s passport, PAN card, Voter Card, Driving License. These are very important government documents and their verification is necessary.

Education Check: This check involves verifying the authenticity of person’s educational and professional qualifications from respective universities/colleges. It helps us understand how educated he/she is and how good is his/her work experience.

Criminal Check via Court: A search for records of criminal charges against the person is conducted in various courts. Public sourced websites and private databases which contain case references and records are searched thoroughly in this process.

Address Check: Residential Address is verified by a physical site visit. The field staff of VVScore visits the provided address of the candidate as stipulated by the client.

Past Employment Check: A candidate’s past employment records are verified, which includes verifying designation, remuneration, tenure, etc. with the human resource department and/or reporting manager via e-mail, telephone or a physically visiting companies.

Once the above factors have been checked and determined, your job of verifying a person is done. You need not worry more about any other tedious process to do the same. VVScore saves you a lot of time and effort. There are 3 simple steps that one needs to follow to use it:

Choose Package: Select a package or modify it as per your requirements. Get entire information about the individual you want to verify.

Fill Information Online: Fill a form with essential details. Just make sure that you have not missed any field and the information filed-in is correct.

Get Background Report: Once you have signed up, you will get great customer experiences along with good quality, easy-to-read background screening reports.