Top Must Have Business Apps For Professionals

Whether you are an active part of the human resources department or working in data management department, running the business operations could be hard enough when you are away from desk. But! In the era if digital technology, there is nothing hard to do because of the availability of Smartphone that we use to stay in touch with family members, friends and other important individuals.

Thankfully, there are numerous mobile apps that can help business professional to get their jobs done efficiently even while taking rest in the bedroom. For example, whether it is the matter of sending money overseas or you want to pay your second home’s bills in abroad, you can make use of the international money transfer app to get the things done on your fingertips.

 We are here with a list of top must have business apps for professionals that you can also install in your Smartphone if you really want to improve productivity and work performance as well.

Have a glance at the following list and choose the right mobile apps for your various business tasks and jobs.

Business Apps For Professionals


It is a brilliant mobile app that enables you to capture, record, organize, and share business related notes and tasks from anywhere just by using your Smartphone.

It not only helps you to remember important things but also keeps them organized to streamline your different business processes. A user can arrange notes and thoughts in this app in form of contexts to get things done on time.

Office365 Mobile

If your desktop computer is not functioning well due to some technical reasons, there is no need to worry because you can now operate MS word, excel or PowerPoint on your Smartphone if Office365 Mobile has successfully been installed.

It enables you to keep the reporting process continue by using the mobile phone. Through this way, you will be able to make, edit or share all your MS office related files easily even without using personal computer.

Google Drive

It sounds like a perfect cloud storage solution that enables you to upload all your personal or business related files to a safe and secure cloud database that can easily be accessed from anywhere by using Google account.

It is something great that allows you to access your files or business documents remotely with help of your Smartphone.


Whether you are looking the best restaurant in United States or some best businesses based on reviews to work with, yelp would be your best companion to help you find better places in the town based on your interests.

Yelp is the well known app that majority of people use for restaurant recommendations as well as for business reviews.


Do you mostly work with PDF files when it comes to manage business data and files? If yes then PDFescape if best match for you because it enables you to create, edit and share PDF documents conveniently by using the power of your Smartphone.


It could be the second outlet of your business as it provides a lot of business features and advantages to the business owners and professionals.

A big number of employment opportunities are posted on LinkedIn daily. Almost all business settings and companies are using LinkedIn to stay connected with their employees and customers as well.

LinkedIn is a mobile app that gives you immediate access to the world’s most famous and professional social networking platform that offers you a lot of information, ideas and many more to grow your business or organization in a great way.


When it comes to pay one of your overseas vendors or suppliers for recently purchased services, you should have international money transfer app in your smartphone to do so and TransferWise is always available to do so.

You can easily transfer your money everywhere by using this mobile app even without visiting your bank or nearest money transfer service.