Three Tips to Creating a Quality Backed Elementary Foundation

While 5K is the typical starting point for a child’s education, first grade is the formal beginning of the elementary system where concepts learned in kindergarten are expanded and developed. The core subjects include math, reading and writing with schools adding on science, history and other subjects based on their curriculum options, as can be seen @ British Science Week 2020. As a homeschool family it is necessary to work with a reliable online platform that has the requisite tools and resources for the student to have a solid start.

One of the most important decisions is the 1st grade homeschool curriculum which varies by platform and should be the first thing parents look at before making a decision. Textbooks should be thorough, easy to work through and address the main concepts that are standard in a public or private education system. Christians can choose to work with a vendor that offers top curriculum options from a faith-based perspective so that their beliefs are intertwined with the facts and ideas the student needs to learn.  Online classes are typically started in 3rd grade or later as younger students appear to learn and study better with a physical book in front of them. The curriculum is designed to start with the basics in reviewing what was learned the previous year and then ending the grade in preparation for the next year.

Quality Backed Elementary Foundation

Parents are the full-time teacher for their 1st grade students and with the understanding that this can be a daunting task for some, the top online Christian platform has put together a package with guides and instructions. A daily lesson plan breaks down what the student should be doing each day and teacher handbooks so that parents can grade the lessons and provide feedback. In addition, there is professional academic support through the online parent portal from the teachers connected with the school so that there is always a resource to turn to.

Links and interactive websites can make education fun and help the child reaffirm what they are getting from the textbook and hands-on exercises. The lesson planner is designed in such a way that it includes holiday breaks and if a day is missed, the parent can modify as needed so the student stays current but with the flexibility that families enjoy with homeschooling. A third tip is to create a school schedule that works with the student’s optimum learning time. Some students are early risers and do their best work in the morning while others are better in the afternoon. This is one of the best advantages of teaching kids at home because it sets them up to do their work when they are most likely to succeed and gives everyone a schedule to work with.

Creating the right foundation for the education experience starts at home and when this is done in a positive manner than kids are excited about learning each year as they advance to upper grades. Middle and high school offer different options for students to earn college credits, take higher level classes and provide parents an alternative teaching option so that teens can learn directly from the professional instructors. First grade is only the beginning of a wonderful experience that can take them as far as they want to go.