Three Reasons to Invest in Branded Clothing for Your Employees

Imposing a uniform on your staff is hardly likely to go down well. Not at first at least!

However, branded uniform can be a great idea for your business, and will benefit not just you, but your staff and your customers.


While you may face a little bit of opposition at first, after a while your staff will soon come to see the benefits of branded uniform, whether they notice it or not!

First and foremost, if everyone is wearing the same, your staff will feel a lot less like a group of individuals and more of a team.

It also means that whether they realise it or not, your employees are much warier of their actions as the uniform makes them feel much more responsible for the image of the company.

This will increase some sense of loyalty toward the company which will hopefully lead to the employee giving that little bit extra when they come into.

Of course, this all comes down to the uniform itself. This is all well and good if you invest in some quality, professional and attractive uniforms, but if you kit out your staff in ill-fitting and ugly gear, their confidence and work ethic are going to fall through the floor.

Check out these eight worst work uniforms for a bit of an idea on what NOT to do.

Branded Clothing for Your Employees

The business

From the businesses point of view, branding is crucially important, and what your staff are wearing needs to be seen as just as important as any other form of branding you do.

Ultimately your business will be scrutinised on everything your customers can see, and that includes your uniform, so you need to make sure that it reflects what you want it to.

Not only does branded uniform make your business look a lot more professional, but it creates a look that will hopefully become instilled in the minds of your customers and keep them coming back to you.

Make sure your uniform is consistent with the rest of your branding to create a really strong brand image.


From the point of view of your customers, a branded uniform makes your employees much easier to pick out.

Think about it, at ASDA you just pick out the nearest person in green, or at a train station you just look out for the Virgin guys in red.

Without some sort of branding it can be harder than you’d think for a customer to pick out an employee!

While these may only seem like minor issues, they could very easily be the difference between making and losing a sale, and they all add up!

We spoke to Lancashire-based Stitch Embroidery who told us: “If your business relies heavily on staff/customer interaction then your uniform must be very recognisable, memorable and incorporate all that the brand is.

“Branded clothing is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal, and if you aren’t using it you’re missing out!”

Whether you’re setting up a new company or just looking for a way to reinvigorate your existing staff, you really need to be thinking of branded uniforms as part of your wider marketing strategy.