The Ultimate Business Software List: 10 Programs You Need in 2019

Every business needs to right software to get the job done. Here is our business software list with the top 10 recommendations for 2019.

As of 2018, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. Collectively they make up 99.9% of United States businesses.

This indicates that the American dream that everyone is able to start their own business and succeed financially is still alive. However, this also requires a huge organization.

Managing personnel, product development, good productive communication are just some of the key areas that require attention. How can the business owner or manager of 2019 address these areas efficiently?

Why not check out our business software list for 2019. These are programs that are literally saving hours of time for key decision-makers everywhere. Whether you want to share files or save hours, the list will have something that you will want to use.

The Ultimate Business Software List

  1. Slack

Don’t believe the hype: email is not dead yet. However, its closest competitor is Slack. This is an unbelievable communication tool that has helped transform how businesses communicate internally and externally.

Its interface is simple. It incorporates real-time messaging in a web browser. This is also accessible via mobile devices and desktop clients across all major operating systems. Messaging can be arranged according to team, project or other topics.

It has a history function that means you never lose the past should you need to backtrack the history of decisions.

  1. Iron PDF

Smaller file sizes, capable of media embedding, more easily printed and incorporating higher security features. There are many reasons why PDF has become the document type preference globally.

If you are a business that regularly needs to create and manipulate PDFs then Iron PDF is for you. It is a flexible PDF creation and editing tool. It also has the unique ability to create PDFs from code such as C# and view them via asp net pdf viewer.

In fact, this powerful PDF tool can create PDFs from:

  • HTML Strings and Templates
  • ASPX WebForms
  • MVC Views
  • HTML documents
  • or from any URL

This is a must-have program for any serious users of code and PDFs.

  1. G Suite

G Suite is a vast array of office programs that allow you to completely organize your business approach. It also incorporates the flexibility to allow your creativity to run wild.

The main apps used by business users are Gmail, Hangouts, Google Drive (and the Docs, Sheets and Slides apps), Calendars and Contact Management.

Many use the freeware editions of these programs for personal organization and can attest to their power for simplifying complex tasks.

Since all these tools are developed by Google, they communicate with each other in unique ways. For instance, Gmail items can be quickly organized in Google Calendar or large files in Google Drive.

Collaboration is incredibly simple in Google Docs and Sheets. Multiple users from multiple global locations can work on the same document and instant message simultaneously. The possibilities are genuinely endless.

  1. Asana

Famously started by some of the original founders of Facebook, Asana really is Project management perfection.

Global projects are becoming more complex than ever before, however, Asana simplifies them. It tracks all members of a team and indicates who should be doing what at any one time. It further indicates whether all deadlines will be met based on current data and work-rate.

Asana is famous for integrating and allowing communication with other apps. It boasts over 101 integrations with some large names as Dropbox, Slack, Gmail, Salesforce amongst others.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is not new. However, its longevity in the now crowded file sync service market and the tools that it has developed to complement its main service remain impressive. Further, it is trusted by large clients, which is always a vote of confidence.

If you need to share files quickly and easily, Dropbox is just about the simplest way to do it. If you need to add levels of security and restrict access to files it is all possible within the same simple interface.

If you want word processing options but don’t want to go down the road of a suite of software, Dropbox’s Paper app is worth considering. Its neat and tidy interface gives you basically everything you need to collaborate on documents.

  1. Xero

Managing documents is very important, managing finances is crucial. Xero allows you to track your finances down to the last cent. you can then pull these up in intelligent and easy to understand interfaces and displays. you can then make predictions on your future financial situation based on your history.

Xero is able to go deeper than this though. Xero can work with your bank feeds, monitor and work with multiple currencies and even securely allow users you appoint to access your accounts. This could be very helpful when, for instance, your accountant is helping you file your tax return.

  1. Paypal

Known as the simple and easy way to make purchase payments, Paypal also has very useful features for business owners. Paypal does not charge a monthly fee for its basic plan. This allows small businesses to use it for online ordering.

However once a small to medium-size business is up and running and has regular custom they can choose to switch to a merchant account which allows them to pay a monthly fee for transactions rather than a per-transaction fee.

Paypal brings simplicity and low-cost transactions to businesses globally. No wonder 235 million people use it regularly as their preferred payment method.

  1. Salesforce

This is not so much an app but rather a sales solution that can be scaled to the size of your business. Salesforce is the tool that can bring your sales statistics, customer relationship management, and all key metrics to one location.

For retailers that are looking to isolate key areas of their retail strategy and improve them, this is the tool that can help them identify even small aberrations.

  1. Zoho

Zoho is a universe of solutions for business owners today. They provide not a single app but over 45 different business apps that support everything from sales, help desk, finance, people management, IT, office, project management, and project collaboration.

They also house a knowledge base of experience that is shared with customers. their business blogs and experience is part of the product and can help users to creatively overcome problems.

  1. Adobe Apps

Think of Adobe and only think of PDFs? you would be mistaken. Adobe leverages its experience and strengths to offer a range of tools that support real creativity in businesses.

Adobe provides Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver, Fireworks and yes Adobe Acrobat for creating, editing, annotating, and signing PDF files.

More than Just a Comprehensive Business Software List

The pace of business today means that decision-makers have less time than ever to make key movements for their companies. They need instant access to accurate realtime information. They also need to be assured that the company and its workers are using their time as efficiently as possible. The items on this business software list make all this possible.

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