The Real Cost of Digital Marketing for Startups

Your startups first digital marketing endeavor will test your financial strength and ability to create a return on your investment.

What you can expect to spend depends largely on your startups needs. Below we’ll go over the different expenses you can expect to encounter when embarking on a digital marketing campaign.


A quality graphic designer will be able to deliver all of your promotional materials, branded logos, and signage in high quality image files and in a complete matching suite. There is no shortcut to a professional product in this regard and, while other aspects of digital marketing can be taken on by the startup instead of outsourcing, the graphic design usually cannot be.

Digital Marketing for Startups

These highly sought after services do not come cheap and often surprise entrepreneurs expecting quick and easy work. Be prepared and research rates while you review portfolios to make sure the graphic design professional you work with is within your business’ budget.

Ask about the different licensing uses you’ll be permitted to use and be sure that the format of the files will allow for future editing by any designer who needs to make changes to the images.


Actual advertising spots are sold in a couple of different ways. Again, research is key. You want your dollars to go as far as possible so identify the markets you need to reach and find unconventional places they frequent. The cost of advertising will vary drastically from site to site. While a website with tons of traffic will be worth the price tag set on it, sometimes it is far smarter to locate the smaller communities that will allow for extremely targeted advertising and lots of generated interest.

Consider hiring a professional advertiser to handle the copywriting and fine tuning of your digital marketing campaign. If this is outside of your means, there are endless resources online that will help you devise a marketing strategy. Every day a business finds great success after taking advertising into their own hands.

If you’re determined to go it alone, consider the cost of books that go into detail about the theory and methods of advertising. They will be much cheaper than a professional and provide a more organized and extensive experience than online articles can.

Social media outreach

In this day and age, every company needs to spend either money or a great amount of time on their social media presence to stay ahead of the game. A small business can, on average, spend anywhere from 3 to 20 hours on their online presence in a week.

Hiring a social media liaison is the smartest way to handle your startups outreach. They will be able to monitor near constantly for customer feedback, update your accounts regularly with interesting and relevant topics, and coordinate with you on the best ways to engage your community of customers.

Closing Thoughts

The costs can be daunting but there are many ways to finance your digital marketing campaign. Click here to read information on how a personal loan can help you today.