The main advantages of using polyurethane machines

Polyurethane machines play a great role in nowadays’ industry. That’s why to be sure to choose the right type of equipment read the main advantages of using polyurethane machines:

• Eliminate flashing leaks
Take into account that polyurethane foam is conventional to the substrate and it is perfect for flashing walls, roof penetrations and roof-mounted equipment, as well as vents, stacks, pipes, HVAC equipment, windows and cooling towers. As a result, with polyurethane machines you can solve a lot of various problems.

polyurethane machines

• Removal of water problem
These days, water may be removed by adding better thickness of polyurethane foam in low areas of your house. Building up the low areas in order that it drains appropriately will get rid of unnecessary water and the extra load factor that is caused by water gathering.

• Light weight
The weight of polyurethane foam is something about 2-3 pounds per cubic foot. That’s why this makes polyurethane machines perfect for various types of reconstruction projects as it is often achievable to apply over an accessible built-up construction without even removing it.

• Highest R- value
Sprayed polyurethane foam has the highest R-value, allowing it to provide more thermal resistance with less substance than any other insulation.

• Chemically firm
Polyurethane foam, though inert, must be kept away from sunlight by UV resistant elastomeric covering. It is neutral, resists attack by either mold or fungi and has no nutritive significance.

• Flexibility
It can be used on both new and replacement constructions, whether smooth, pitched, saw-toothed, domed or having extraordinary slopes or patterns. It is as well perfect for the spray application to boilers, freezers, coolers, ductwork and a variety of aerospace projects. In addition, it has the capability to resist a structure’s normal growth and contraction without touching the capability to keep the construction protected from the outside components.

• Waterproof
Polyurethane foam is made of billions of tiny blocked cells which stand firm to the penetration of water and mists. On the other hand it must be protected by an elastomeric covering appropriate for use in that special environment.

• Long lasting
The elastomeric covering system which it is found in polyurethane machines can be recharged by the re-application of extra coatings after the original coatings system has weathered after lots of years of service.

• Ease of application
A polyurethane system can be used in a comparatively short period of time with little or no disruption of construction operations by a qualified, trained polyurethane foam contractor.

• Ease of maintenance
Insignificant repairs or alterations to polyurethane machines can be made by domestic maintenance staff at minimal cost. All that is required is a tube of caulking and a hand caulking gun.

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