The life of Naval Godrej

Naval Pirojsha Godrej was born in 1916, also known as Noroj. He was the father of Jamshyd Godrej. He was the former managing director and chairman of Godrej & Boyce. He got that designation as he was the youngest children of Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej and younger brother of Ardeshir Godrej, both of them were multi billionaire and industrialist of India.

It was right that he got a huge designation as his father and brother was the founder of Godrej. But he couldn’t achieve that reward in one day. He actually started from the scratch. He had a lot of interest about machine. So he started from the tool department. He used to look after the industrial big tools and machines. He said in one of his autobiography that he always loved to work with those big boys. Even he became an MD, he missed those days. He also initiated with the typewriter and refrigerator room of Godrej. Overall, he actually worked with all the basic and root technical sphere of Godrej and later on it helped him as an MD to understand the basic and root technical area problems.

life of Naval Godrej

He guided the entire machine tool association through the busy and formative years. He became president of machine tool association for like 3 years. He was also a pioneer of the exhibition called IMTEX where all the mechanical and industrial tools are showcased. He also impacted a lot on the construction of Godrej’s industrial garden township.

Naval Godrej was a married person and had two children, Jamshyd Godrej and Smita Crishna. Naval Pirojsha Godrej was a simple person in real life. He was known to be a motivator and a humble person. He was also known as a very approachable and friendly person in real life. Naval Godrej loved to attend party and friendly conversation. He listened to everyone. He listened from his top level manager to the foreman of a company.

He had a lot of achievements throughout his entire life. The list of his personal and corporate achievements would require quite a long paper to be listed down. The biggest achievement of his life was Padma Bhushan. He got this prestigious award back in 1976. It was his biggest personal achievement of his entire career. Besides, he achieved a couple of corporate achievements as per his amazing contribution for Godrej Company.

Naval Godrej was a kind and innovative person. He had taken several initiatives in favor of his company. Some of those initiatives helped changing the fate of the entire company. Among those initiatives, partnering with ISRO, IMTEX and IMTMA, The First All-Indian Typewriter, Manufacturing of Indigenous Forklift Trucks were the real game changers. Besides all these, he also was a pioneer of a different kind of social welfare activities. He funded in various social trust and contributed through different social awareness projects.

Naval Godrej was not just a rich industrialist but also a kind, humble individual. He was hard working and very witty that helped him taking his company into another level. He died in 1990 at the age of 74.