The Emerge Of Insulated Bottles And End To Plastic Bottles

Thermo insulated water bottles are great for sports, picnics and school lunches as they help to keep the liquid hot or cold depending in the weather and use. They look like a stylish water bottle but they are basically made of double walled stainless steel which means that the outside is never too hot or cold to touch. The Contigo insulated water bottles are lighter and are more durable than glass and they are free of the chemicals that are found in some plastics. The sports water bottle is designed to ne lightweight, making them great for camping, long hikes, and days on the beach, long road tips or everyday office use. Even when filled with ice, the exterior of the water bottle will never leave a puddle on the desk or drip on the shirt or seat on the bag. It is manufactured with a premium, corrosion resistant stainless steel body; the flask uses a premium double walled vacuum design. It also contains one touch button spout releases for easy one handed drinking from a straw and when it is not in use, the built-in spout shield will keep it clean. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip and it improves the hydration which increases productivity. It has also been said that water bottle is a good way to hydrate. This water bottle is engineered in such a way that the top-rack dishwasher is safer for easy care and it also fits in most cup holders.

Insulated Bottles


The word insulation technically refers to any material which helps to prevent heat loss or transfer and every water bottle has some form of insulation. In the last few years, the market has seen an absolute explosion in insulated water bottles, both from familiar manufactures. One of the demanded water bottle manufacturers have best been able to satisfy is the need of insulation. With a bit of clever engineering behind it, well-made insulated bottles are capable to keep the water frozen even in the most blazing heat for hours on end or keeping the soup or hot coco warm inside even if it is immersed in snow. The Contigo insulate water bottle has come up with an ingenious little alternative that allows one to press the button to drink and then release it, all of which allows the bottle to re-seal itself so that it cannot leak. Another really handy feature of the Contigo insulated water bottles is the carabineer clips that are attached to the bottle’s handle and it makes really handy to carry around, as it can be clipped onto a belt loop with purse and backpack anywhere else and one can think of where it would be feasible. The Contigo bottles should never put in the microwave, freezer and should never be filled with carbonated drinks, as with any other container, the carbonation may lead to spray or leak. It comes in large selection in a variety of gorgeous colors and it makes as a great gift.