The Charity Work of Adam S. Kutner

For over 75 years till now, the mission of Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is been serving the poverty stricken people without considering their religion or creed. Nowadays, they are being supported by wide number of foundations, grants, organizations and even individual donors.

One of the individual donors helping these charities is Mr. Adam S. Kutner. He is renowned counsel from Las Vegas, NevadaJoin attorney Adam S. Kutner is giving back to the community in Las Vegas through these charities.

Mr. Kutner has been actively working for the rights and benefits of people from Las Vegas, Nevada for almost 25 years and has handled approximately 20,000 personal injury cases.  He is also a associated with Clark County and American Bar Associations, State Bar of Nevada, American Inns of Court, Nevada Justice Association and the Western Trial Lawyers Association as their active  member.  He is entitled as one of The Association’s 2007 Top 100 Trial lawyers in the state of Nevada.

Adam S. Kutner is a personal injury attorney practicing in Las Vegas and provides advice and support to improve the society of Las Vegas thereby giving instructions and guidance to the injured victims and handling issues of personal injuries like car accidents, dog bites, pedestrian accidents, brain injuries, bicycle accidents and many more.

Helping other people or the needy one not only make them happy but also brings smile on your face. Aristotle strongly believed that by practicing certain virtues, we the human beings can lead a blooming and flourishing life. He wrote further, finding happiness and fulfillment is achieved by loving rather than being loved.

These Catholic Charities continue to operate programs with very less and dinky budgets, to meet both the ends and incredible needs of  endless needy people in many areas. They have categorized their services in 5 types. They are Family services, Food services, Senior Services, Immigration and Refugee services and the last one is Homeless and housing services. They provide wide range of human services and provide them support including from infants to the seniors. They also conduct programs like Emergency shelter, Meals on Wheels, Senior Nutrition and Adoption services for those who are in need of these.

There are many people who provide and offer help and hope to these people by working together with these charities. It restores a sense of dignity as it strives to meet the diverse needs of more than 100000 people which are being served by the charities.

Understanding that every human being is created in the image of God, these catholic charities of Southern Nevada were formed originally to continue the charitable work in the fields of religion, education and other social welfare activities. Their main goal is to continue the vision and mission of the Roman Catholic Church that provides services to maintain and sustain the human dignity of all the people, and calling on others to do the same charity work from Las Vegas Nevada. Adam S. Kutner personally donates necessitous people more or less 6000 meals a day.