Stock Market is a “Rich Factory”

Money doesn’t grow on trees. If you want financial freedom, you have to earn it by doing some effective strategies. Try asking the rich people like Jack Ma or Robert Kiyosaki and you’ll probably receive an answer to master the art and skill of investing. But if multibillionaires of today went through fatalities to achieve their financial goals, it can be a lot easier in this generation because investment training courses are already accessible in many platforms.

The Billionaire Maker

Most of the richest individuals on earth didn’t start obtaining wealth in the stock market but it skyrocketed the moment they decided to invest on it. Below are some of the epitome of success in stock market investing for the existing and wanna-be stock investors.

Stock Market is a “Rich Factory”

  1. Jeff Bezos – is known for the e-commerce platform Amazon. Many people didn’t know that his investment started with the online bookstore which eventually expanded to offer various products. Flash forward, the world’s number one billionaire took Amazon to the stock market and had successful results. Essentially, the invested value of Amazon in 1997 ($400M) increased by a hundred percent ($40B) in 2007.


  1. Bill Gates – founded the biggest computer and software company called Microsoft Corporation. Although he wasn’t already the CEO in year 2000, he’s still the major shareholder of the company. He held the title of the world’s richest according to Forbes magazine from 1995 -2017 (except for four of those years) until Amazon’s Jeff Bezos obtained the spot. But here’s a not-so-secret information: It’s believed that thesignificant growth of Bill Gate’s investment in stock market is one of the major reasons why he stayed long as the top 1 billionaire in the Forbes list.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg – one of the youngest billionaires and the brain of the colossal social media platform Facebook. Started at $38 share price in stock market, Facebook is now at $177 per share. That increase is actually more than four times which made a significant growth in Zucherberg’s net worth and set him to the list of the richest.

Before Investing in Stock Market

While many individuals succeeded in stock investing and trading, others failed to grasp the opportunity of financial success. Below are some the things to consider prior to investing in stock market:

Learn the Ways of Investing and Trading of Stocks

Joining the stock market is easy but playing the game of investing and trading is quite complicated. For this reason, it’s suggested not to immediately dive into the world of stock market before obtaining enough knowledge and skills. Enroll in investment training courses offered by well-known financial experts to obtain an edge in stock investing and trading venture.

Know to Weigh the Risks

Rich people are risk takers! This might even be emphasized if you gain education from stock market courses in australia or elsewhere.  However, they don’t foolishly take risks but the calculated risks. In stock market, you will face different levels of risks so you’ll have to master weighing the risks beforehand.

Muster Courage and be Clever

The stock market are not for the weak-hearted. There would be times that the price of your shares significantly go down only to know that it suddenly rises up after a few weeks. You need a brave mindset to hold on to your shares but wise enough to know when to let go as well.

Wrap Up

Financial expansion through stock trading and investing isn’t impossible to achieve. Find motivation from billionaires who are into the stock market and make the necessary preparations.