Smart Marketing Tactics That Easily Increase Brand Awareness

A strong brand is your most powerful ally in today’s competitive era. It not only sets your business apart but also impacts customer loyalty and ultimately, your profits.

While it’s true that tech companies dominate the most valuable international brands, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build a powerful brand that inspires and engages customers.

But what does it take to easily increase brand awareness? Should you focus on social media, blogging, or traditional advertising? The truth is that all of these factors influence your branding efforts.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, brand awareness can make or break your success. The competition is fierce, regardless of industry.

A well-planned branding strategy can help your business stand out from the crowd and reach its target audience in new, creative ways.

Your branding efforts will ultimately depend on your budget and marketing goals. The key is to hit it right from the start.

Use these smart marketing tactics to create awareness around your brand!

Easily Increase Brand Awareness

Target the Right Customers

The first step to raising brand awareness is to segment your marketing efforts to a well-defined audience. This will lower your advertising costs and help you convey your message to the right customers.

Start with your current customer base. Break it down into smaller groups based on specific criteria, such as the customers’ age, income, location, and buying behavior.

Use Google Analytics or other similar tools to get insights into your audience.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Some of the most popular brands were born on social media. Glossier, for example, has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram alone. Launched in 2012, Dollar Shave Club boasts more than 3.7 million Facebook fans.

It has never been easier or more exciting to build and promote a brand. Social media allows small and big companies alike to reach a global audience and engage their prospects through creative posts, photos, videos, and more.

Experiment with different social networks and then focus on those that align with your goals. Don’t try to be omnipresent — it won’t work.

Let’s say you’re trying to create awareness for a fashion brand.

In this case, it makes sense to market your business on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. LinkedIn is more formal as it appeals to professionals, so it may not be the best choice.

Get Influencers to Market Your Products

One way to strengthen your social media presence and raise brand awareness is to get influencers to market your products. This strategy can boost your online exposure, generate leads, and drive sales.

Social media influencers already have an established audience. Their fans and followers trust what they say and are eager to try any products or services they recommend.

Also, consider sponsoring influencers or using them as spokespersons for your brand. Returning to the previous example, you can ask a model or a fashion blogger to pose in your outfits.

Think of social media as a reflection of reality. Assume that your prospects conduct their entire lives on social networks. Use influencers as salespeople and brand representatives to increase your reach.

Here’s something that might surprise you.

Four in 10 Millennials state that their favorite influencer or content creator understands them better than their friends. About 70 percent of teenagers trust influencers more than celebrities.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and connect with influencers who can add value to your brand!

Engage Your Prospects

As you build your social media presence, seek creative ways to engage your prospects and existing customers. Giveaways, contests, polls, controversial blog posts, and interesting content can all increase customer engagement.

For example, if you’re a local business, use a blow up movie screen to delight your clients with outdoor movies. You can even make a short documentary and tell your brand story.

Share the news on social platforms. Organize a contest and reward the winners with an outstanding movie experience. This simple strategy will boost your exposure in the local community and raise brand awareness.

Social media contests are a proven way to increase engagement. It can be something as simple as asking your Facebook fans to submit a photo (related to your product) and ask their friends to vote them. Participants will share the link to your page with their contacts, which in turn, may increase brand visibility.

Also, take the time to create and post interesting content on social media. Infographics, videos, webinars, and tutorials are all a great choice.

And this brings us to the next point…

Leverage the Power of Content Marketing

The content on your website and social media pages is a reflection of your brand. It showcases your core beliefs, highlights your strengths, and engages your prospects.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to a report by Oracle, businesses that invest in content marketing spend 31 to 41 percent less per lead than those using paid advertising.

Approximately 77 percent of Internet users read blogs. Small businesses that blog generate up to 126 percent more.

On top of that, their websites have 434 percent more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links.

These numbers show the power of content marketing. By creating original content, you’ll get more traffic to your site and social media pages. More traffic equals greater online exposure, leading to increased revenue and brand awareness.

This is also a good way to establish yourself as an industry expert and build customer trust. Plus, you have a chance to tell your story and build your own community.

Easily Increase Brand Awareness to Gain a Competitive Edge

Step up your game on social media, share compelling content, and seek creative ways to engage your prospects. Be genuine and show your human face. Have a good, original story that your customers can relate to.

These strategies can increase brand awareness and give you a competitive edge. Leverage the power of modern technology to create and strengthen your brand.

Most importantly, provide value to your target audience and prioritize customer engagement.

Need a quick boost of inspiration? Or perhaps you’re looking for the most creative marketing strategies? Check out our business section for other helpful tips to boost your visibility and stand out from the crowd!