Small Investment That Returns Big: Whiteboard Walls

When starting a business, you need to plan it carefully. Investing is usually the most expensive part of ventures. You start from scratch, so every decision you make is crucial. From a chosen place of business to the equipment of all sizes, everything must be well-thought of. Even the small things like office supplies and whiteboard walls do matter a lot. It is where you lay out your plans and strategies when you start your business operation. It is the small stuff like this that should be considered as important too.

In your office or your conference room, a whiteboard must always be present. It is the center of the stage where all attention gets pointed at. That is why it is imperative that you choose your whiteboard carefully.

Not every whiteboard in the market is the same. As a businessman, you should know for a fact that every product from different manufacturer no matter how similar they seemed are not basically the same. There is always that distinction. The same goes with whiteboards. But plain whiteboards does not last long. They often get stains and scratches over many usages. And to a place of business, every detail is a reputation. A dirty whiteboard does not look very pleasing or dignified in the eyes of your employees. Even worse, it will not look good in the eyes of your customers and other external entities.

There is now a better alternative for your plain old whiteboards. It is called the Whiteboard Walls.

Small Investment That Returns Big

The Difference:

Stained and Ghosting

Whiteboards are easily scratched. And once the surface is scratched, it will start to gather dirt and stains. Over time, those stains will look uneasy to the eyes. Sometimes, there will appear other ghost-like prints at the back of what you wrote on the board.

On the other hand, Whiteboard walls are far more superior in durability. The surface will not easily get scratched, and it is easier to be cleaned and maintained. All you need are some accessories and wipes.


The whiteboards are not easy to install. They often need the attention of a skilled worker to make sure that it is correctly attached to the wall. That includes mounting it at a straight angle. Otherwise, it will only look ugly when you realize that it slightly slanted on the side.

Anyone can accomplish the Whiteboard wall. All you need is some knowledge on how to paint, which includes only a single color (no reason to be Picasso).


Traditional whiteboards are bulky which are often unpleasant in an elegant room. It adds to the unwanted details that could make your office look unprofessional.

A Whiteboard wall is adaptable. It can seamlessly exist in your office or conference room without disturbing the harmony that you are trying to create within the walls of your business room.


Your usual whiteboards are non-biodegradable. That means, as soon as it starts to look messy from heavy use and you dispose of it, it will not degrade over time. It will just stay as it is for a lot of years.

A Whiteboard wall is easy to dispose of. Once you are done with it, you can just repaint it with another color. That easy.


Whiteboards come in a few number of sizes. But mostly, they are small and have limited estate. That means, you can only present your ideas with so little space and will have to erase it as often.

A Whiteboard wall gets as wide as your room’s wall itself. You can even cover the whole four walls if you managed to paint the entire room with dry-erase paint. Imagine the possibilities. If four of you have to present your ideas at once, you can have each wall and show to others at the same time.