Six Ways to Improve Your Van’s Security

Securing your van against crooks is vital, since any LCV will be vital to the continued success of any business, no matter its size.

Van's Security

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Here are six tips to help protect your van which you should definitely take on board if you’ve got concerns about how well it is protected at the moment.

Keep It Locked

It sounds obvious, but if your van is not locked then its contents are accessible to anyone; avoid the temptation to leave it unlocked when unattended, even for a minute or two.

Invest in van locks from companies like if you want to add an extra layer of security to the locks supplied by the manufacturer. This is especially relevant with new techniques being used by criminals at the moment.

Keep It Locked

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Park with Caution

Where you leave your van will impact how likely it is to be targeted by thieves, so park it in a place that is monitored by security cameras and preferably features a locking door or anti-theft bollard system.

Remove Expensive Kit

It is always a good idea to take out the valuable tools and equipment you keep in your van during working hours when it is left unattended overnight.

Get Suitable Insurance

If your van is not insured at all, or does not have a policy which is extensive enough to cover the value of the vehicle and its contents, then you will be left in a tricky situation if a theft occurs. Pick the best cover you can afford to avoid this.

Teach Employees About Security Issues

If you are not the only person who has access to the van, it is crucial for other staff to know how to use it safely and without increasing the risk of theft, so take the time to train everyone in the most resilient techniques.

Invest in Window Protection

Adding grills to the windows of a van will mean that even if the glass is smashed, it will be tough for malicious outsiders to gain entry.

As with investing in extra locks, a window grill will also have the benefit of being conspicuous from the outside and thus act as a visual deterrent to crooks, stopping them making an attempt in the first place. Improving van security can seem like a big project, but breaking it down into these small steps helps.