Signage Banners & Decals: How To Market Your Small Business

Looking for affordable marketing or advertising options for your small business? Think banner advertising.

Your marketing or advertising options are often somewhat limited when you are a small business.  This is because in most cases your marketing budget is limited, ruling out the more expensive options such as TV commercials and other forms of paid advertising.  This is where using clever signage in appropriate locations can help to augment your campaign and drive added business.  Paper posters, sandwich boards, banners or decals offer a great way to market your business.

Market Your Small Business

The Value of Location

Just like your business location, the location of your banner advertising needs to be oriented towards your target audience.  Placing your banner marketing in high traffic areas means that many potential customers will see your business and increase the ROI of your signage.  Banner marketing allows your small business to build your brand in the minds of your target audience by simply displaying your logo, name, message and special offers near a high traffic area.  Find a busy road, a community center or other public place and hang or string up a banner advertisement, sandwich board or yard sign and get your message noticed.

Signage advertising is most effective is the design is kept simple so that passerby’s have an easy time recognizing and understanding.  Whether or not viewers have an immediate need for your product or service, the repeated exposure will ensure you are in their mind if the need ever arises.  Signage also gives your business a way to inform the public about specials, sales or other offerings and happenings in your business.

If you are a service-based business, it is important to have some sort of signage to advertise or market your business through the work you do.  As an example, construction companies normally place a banner or sign with their company name and logo on the fence of the work site.  This let’s everyone know who is doing the work and is an easy and effective form of advertising.

Mobile Advertising

Think about the amount of time we all spend in our vehicles commuting.  Take advantage of the roads and add decal advertising to your marketing campaign.  It’s as simple as having a vinyl decal printed and attached to a vehicle to create a moving advertisement that spreads the word about your business.  This is a great practice if your business has company vehicles.  The same design rules apply to mobile advertising; keep your message simple and your logo clean.

Use Your Marketing Dollars Wisely

Small budgets can be a major burden to any marketing campaign but if you’re smart about it and pick your places, you can still be successful.  Using signage in the form of banners, decals, paper posters or sandwich boards is an extremely effective advertising method.  For more information or to place an order for your business, check out the signage experts in Austin, Texas, Signs World Wide.  The website can be found at: World Wide are the experts in banner advertising in Austin and can complete custom orders of any shape or size.