RESP Scholarships For Post Graduates By Knowledge First

There are many scholarship programs that provide financial support to the candidates to those who are unable to afford the full price of the examination such as enrollment and registration for graduation studies. The scholarship also provides scholarship to the key influencers in the financial communities and academic communities. But it is important that the candidates must meet all the scholarship requirements. Knowledge First Financial provides graduate students with the scholarships who are needed the extra money to learn.


Access scholarships

This is a need based scholarship that is provided to the candidates every year. With this scholarship students can reduce the enrollment and examination fees of their post graduation studies. If you are awarded for the Knowledge First Financial scholarship you can apply for it and make sure that you meet the requirements.

Scholarship awards

Scholarship recipients can register in relevant calendar; they will also receive a corresponding curriculum copy in eBook format. For future fee recipients can also apply for additional scholarships. The awards that students will get from the RESP scholarship cannot be transferred or sold and are also not convertible to cash. Make sure that you enroll for the scholarship before deadlines. Awards that you will get from the scholarships should be used for the post graduations studies and there are no deferrals available.

Access scholarship details

More than twenty 250,000 candidates’ access scholarships are awarded to the applicants of for full time graduate programs each calendar year in July. Students should wait until they get a notification is circulated before registration. Otherwise you might get rejected for the scholarship and your application might also be avoided. Note these things

  • After you submit your application you cannot make any changes
  • Applicants also withdraw their application in case their financial situation changes.
  • If you get the REFS scholarship it is important that you sit for the post graduation examinations. Because you might get ineligible for the future access of scholarship.

Application procedure


 The RESP application form must be submitted on the websites of the Knowledge First Financial website, which is a nonprofit organization, the entire process is fulfilled online. Make sure that you are submitting application prior to the deadlines. A candidate must apply until July 12.

  • Agree to the abide by the official rules  of access scholarship
  • They should also certify that there are no conflicts that are designed in rules. If they have any conflicts then they can disclose then fully.
  • Certify that all the answers provided in the application are true and correct
  • Agree that all the data provided in the application can be shared with the society members.

 These are the important things that you will have to consider for the RESP scholarship program. Candidates who have registered for the post graduation studies are eligible for the scholarship. It is important to note that if you are applying for the RESP scholarship then you will have to fulfill the criteria. there are 10 graduates’ scholarships which are worth $120,000 provided to the students.