Regaining Control of Your Premises with Electronic Key Control Management

Imagine you are managing an office where over 600 sensitive keys are used regularly. This could be a hotel, an office or even a bank. How do you store such a bunch safely and manage them throughout? This can turn into a nightmare if you are not keen enough.

Obsolete Key Control Methods

The logs that were traditionally kept in offices and hotel lobbies for keys are not sufficient any more. To appreciate this, consider a situation where a hotel cleaner picks a hotel room key and then disappears with a guest’s millions worth of jewelry. One thing is for sure, as the hotel manager you will be answerable and you might find yourself out of a job or worse still in jail for negligence.

Innovative Key Management Solution

Well, you have to come up with a better key control system if at all you want your guests to be safe. On the other hand as an office manager you need to know who is accessing which room and at what time. This is not possible to monitor while you are still concentrating on your work. The security department can also do only so much.

This is where computerized key storage cabinets come in. These are not the usual safes you find in most offices but specialized electronic key management systems controlled from a command center.  For anyone to access the key, they have to be verified.  The system is able to electronically catalog and track all keys in your facility.

Electronic Key Control Management

Every member of staff who picks or returns the key must have approval. In essence, you can easily log in to ascertain where all keys are at any time. Keyper storage cabinets for instance are controlled using a Windows Embedded PC system and semi-conductor technology which enables verification of users and also track keys wherever they are in the premises.

These scalable integrated systems record the person who took the key and the time they did so. The rugged steel cabinet used to store the keys cannot be accessed in any other way which is another guarantee of safety. The control panel is user friendly meaning the authorized key users will not have to waste time before getting verified to access the key.

The Future of Office Security

If you have been carrying a bunch of keys on your hands to guarantee security in your premises it is time to go digital.  This is one innovation that was already overdue. It creates accountability where the person who accessed the key takes responsibility in case something goes wrong.

The chances of keys being lost or leaving the premises are also reduced due to the real-time tracking.  If you have other business systems it is possible to integrate the technology used in Keyper storage cabinets without having to overhaul everything in your protocols.

By allowing emergency key mapping, you personnel are discouraged to attempt any malicious conduct using the keys.  The fact that the cabinet storage is scalable means you can add more keys or add users into the system as need arises.

Still grappling with key management blues? It is time to incorporate modern technology and take control of your premises once and for all.