Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Wyoming

Wyoming doesn’t spring up too much if you are planning to buy a land or property. However, it should and this article will tell you why!

Wyoming has natural beauty, open spaces, soaring landscapes, and plenty of snow-capped mountains. However, despite its nature, people only consider it as a holiday spot and not some place they can actually live. But we will talk about some good reasons why Wyoming can be a reasonable choice for you to move there.

Let us look at some reasons to substantiate that claim!

Moving to Wyoming

It is affordable

Wyoming has many small cities but the cost of living in them is not as high as other parts of the country. From cost of housing to basic living expenses, everything is well below national average. It is also amongst the five states in the United States that enjoy the lowest taxes. Luckily, a lot of its empty spaces are up for grabs! If you are looking for a solid investment or a house of your dreams that fits into your budget, then you should look into Land for Sale In Wyoming.

Experience its natural wonders

With 12 state parks, four wildlife refuges, two national parks, and five national forests, Wyoming is a nature lover’s paradise. From amazing wildlife and bountiful nature, it is one of the best places in the country if you want to live close to wilderness and closer to all things urban! You can get the best of both worlds in Wyoming in terms of natural splendor and work opportunities. Which brings us to the next important point.

Jobs and economy

The state’s economy is largely driven by mineral extraction industries and tourism. Agriculture is also another major sector. It is easy to find federal government jobs and mining can be easily termed as the bread and butter industry of the state. Even the petroleum industry is rock solid in Wyoming with more than 20,000 people already working in the industry. Other than that, one can always find something to do in the tourism industry. With its wildlife, nature, and winter sports, it is not unheard of for people to visit Wyoming for leisure which also offers a great business opportunity for investors.

Clean air and clearer skies

Did you know that Wyoming is amongst the cleanest states in the United States? You can easily breathe ease in one of its many camping sites or spend a day or lounging in the hot springs, filling your lungs with clean air! The pollution free environment also means that you can enjoy star filled skies every night.

Open spaces

Unlike other big cities in the country, the largest city in Wyoming, Cheyenne, has low population density. It is the best place for you if you are planning to live away from the crowds. Believe it or not, the state is only second to Alaska when it comes to lowest population density in the US.

Low crime rate

Small towns with small population means that the rate of violent crime is almost negligible. In fact, if statistics are any indication, the crime rate in Wyoming is 20% lower than the country average.

Plenty of outdoor activities

If you love the outdoors, then there is no other place in America that can give you such variety of experiences. From hiking in its national parks to skiing and fishing opportunities, there is something for everyone. Plan a weekend camping trip with the family or relax with friends in its forests, you will be amazed at all the nature around you that remains unexplored. Don’t forget to check Flaming Gorge, the country’s popular fishing spot known for fly fishing.

Small-town charm

Just because Wyoming has low population density, it doesn’t mean that the residents are isolated from one another. The small town feel means that it is a close knit community with neighbors relying on one another for entertainment as well as fun activities. People live in a harmonious environment where everyone knows everyone, something that lacks in big cities.

Cheyenne has big city amenities with old world charm

Cheyenne is the largest and the most influential city in Wyoming. It provides you with all the amenities you expect in a big city but with Old West feel. From a thriving nightlife to a fun bar scene, there is no dearth of entertainment options. The local cuisine is one of the best in the country and it also consists of other global cuisine options such as Korean, Thai, Mexican food etc.

Moving to Wyoming may seem like a leap of faith due to its gloomy winters. However, if you can convince yourself to look past this, then you will be rewarded with a warm community and stunning landscape.