Reasons why to consider Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

cannabis-seeds-category_3When looking to purchase marijuana seeds, you will come across some advertised as autoflowering. These present just the wide variety of seeds that you can get from your supplier. Learning the advantages that this variety offers you will allow you to make the best decision as to what suits you best.

The difference between autoflowering plants and normal weed seeds usa is that these autoflowering variety will automatically flower. Normal seeds varieties will require a trigger, which is usually that they have to be away from sunlight for twelve hours when they reach the flowering stage.

This requirement may be hard to fulfill especially when you cannot change the weather conditions. The autoflowering plants therefore become beneficial at this time. Autoflowering seeds are also advantageous in many ways including:

They are best for first time growers

The nature of the plant makes it ideal for first time growers as not a lot of technical knowledge is required. With normal marijuana seeds, you will require to know the right time to trigger flowering. With autoflowering plants, you just need to ensure they are getting the right amount of water, nutrients and light. The plant does the rest.

You can grow them anywhere

The plants are ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing. You do not have to worry that the season may not allow for the plants to start flowering. In most cases, outdoor growing will see you having to time for the flowering stage to coincide with the right conditions. With autoflowering variety, you just plant and wait to harvest, regardless of the season.

They have a shorter growing period

It usually takes the plants 8-9 weeks to mature. This means that you can grow them many times during any given season. This allows you a steady supply of weed for you to use. If you are using them for your clinic, then you are able to keep your customers supplied with high quality products to take care of their ailments.

You get better yield

With the fast growth rate, you get to harvest many times over a given period of time therefore you will enjoy good yields than when using a slower maturing variety. This makes the autoflowering variety the best to choose when buying weed seeds usa. You have an assurance of good yields over time. You can also plant your weed garden in sections that ensure that while one section matures, another is not far away from maturing.

They do not grow big

The auto flowering plants usually do not grow big. They are usually small bushes, which offers you advantage in a variety of ways. For starters, you can plant them just about anywhere. If you have limited space, you can easily grow them in your balcony or such small spaces. They are also discreet to grow. You do not have to worry that they will grow large that they would be noticeable. You can easily grow them in pots as well making them convenient as you can move them around and maintain them easily.