Profitable Business Ideas to Start in 2020

How many ideas are out there to start 2020 home-based businesses that will really be successful? You better believe that you better be prepared to put in some money, hours and hard work. You will have to have some capital to invest in marketing as well. You have to have a service or product that people are interested in. You have to convince people that your product is a necessity of life and that it will improve your client’s quality of life.

You must present a unique service or product to a unique niche in the market. Or if you have a common product that has already flooded the market then you must be able to re-market it and re-package it so it appears fresh and unique. Another notion to consider is that you want to have a business that will make you money for years to come. You do not want to invest a large portion of the money and have the business either never get off the ground or to fizzle out within one year. If it is a business that there will always be a need for then it can fall into the long term category.

If you already have a big base of trusted clients, then you are well on your way to launching a very successful 2020 business. You have a group of people who trust you and your existing brand. Now, you can invite them to try your new brand. This article will discuss some bright ideas for businesses in 2020.

Profitable Business Ideas to Start in 2020

Profitable Business Ideas to Start in 2020

Black Head Removal

This is not a luxurious business you would get into and if you want to become famous this will not happen in this type of business. But the thing is that people will always have blackheads and they will need skincare products to remove the blackheads and keep them away.

This type of business has been very popular in 2019 and it was a tremendous year of growth for that type of business. It is growing again and it has a bright future in 2020 so it will be a thriving home-business for years to come. At the practical level, how do you launch this type of business?

First off you want to start a blog about blackheads and how to take care of them. This should be done from day one on and you need to write a 1000-word article about how to take care of your skin so you will not get blackheads. Also, write about what products to use if blackheads to develop and foods to eat or not eat to avoid getting blackheads.

Establish yourself as an expert early on so people will know that you know what you are talking about and that you can be trusted to give people updated and useful information. It is suggested that you update the article or write a new one on a weekly basis.

Restaurant Franchises

Harry Morton died at the age of 38 and his death came unexpectedly. He was found by his brother Matthew and preliminary tests found that he died of diagnosed heart disease. He was the founder of the “Pink Taco” restaurant chain and he is the son of “Rock Cafe” founder Peter Morton. His family is grief-stricken and sad at the unexpected passing of Harry Morton.

He followed his dad to be a successful entrepreneur. They both created successful franchise businesses and there are still Franchise Opportunities UK. Franchising first became popular at Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s. The unique business model allows two separate owners to share in the operations and profits of a business, each providing support and resources. You need to start small and think big. Start your own local restaurant based on the demand and focus on making it the best in the neighborhood. The next steps to grow into a chain restaurant comes after you.

Back Massager

Back pain is on the rise so people now more than ever are looking for the reasons for back pain and ways to stop it. People lead sedentary lifestyles — they sit all day and participate in very limited physical exercise— so back pain is naturally on the rise. In Google, it has been said there are 246,000 keyword searches a month for ‘back pain,” and this high demand means back pain is running rampant among the population.

Everyone cannot go to a chiropractor or a professional masseuse. These services are just too expensive for a lot of people even though they may want to use these services. So, a back massage is a cheaper alternative and it will relieve back pain in a relatively short time. It is feasible to start selling back massagers because the market is so huge right now. There are no signs showing that the market for back massagers will dwindle in the near future.

Another alternative is to create an information site focusing on back pain. Your goal is to supply your market with answers to help alleviate back pain and this can be done by writing on a blog dedicated to back pain and solutions for back pain.

A Blast from the Past

These could get expensive but if you can build up a clientele you can make some good money in this home business. You can sell photo printers via managed print providers and maybe resurrect a niche in this ancient market. Appeal to people’s nostalgia and their thirst to preserve memories. Write how easy your photo printer is to work and that they can provide a person with life long memories by keeping a photo diary.

Again, you need to write blog posts about the benefits of owning this technology and how it can preserve those precious memories from years ago. Establish yourself as an expert and charge reasonable prices for your photo.

Voice Translator

This is a huge market and it has the potential to become a limitless market. It is said that there are 277 million monthly searches on Google translator. But it would be easier if a person owned their own voice translator. If you are a traveler, then you can use a voice translator to translate many languages quite quickly. From a business perspective, you can sell voice translators and there is quite a big market for it. People always need help to translate languages, especially they are traveling in foreign countries.

Affiliate Businesses

Affiliate marketing has been around for years but it is as popular as ever entering the 2020 business year. You need to pick a popular service or product and find out all you can about that product or service. Then you can start a website and write extensively about that affiliate business but make sure you pick a well-known brand to affiliate with.

Establish yourself as an expert on the affiliate business and then market your business on social media sites and link these social media sites back to your affiliate website so people can be exposed to your business.

Social Media Influence

This sounds like a lofty title but it can be done from your home and if you can become a persuasive influence on social media then you can make a comfortable living. Social media is here to stay so you can project this type of business to be profitable for years.

You need to be a skilled communicator and be able to convince people that you know something about a subject. Once you establish yourself as an influencer and you build up a respectable following you can sell anything on social media. But you must be a good communicator and have the ability to change people’s minds.


This simply means you buy a wholesale product—that is needed and wanted by people—at a cheaper rate. You then establish a presence on the internet and on social media sites so people will be aware of you and what product you are offering them. Mark up the price of the product and start making money. You really need to market your product on your own website, and on social media sites.

Above is a list of a few potential home-business ideas that can make money for you in 2020. It is just a matter of picking which one will fit into your time and skill set. You will need to invest time and money in any of the above home businesses you may choose to pursue. You must spend money to make money and you must market to make money.