Professional Landscape Supplies in Calgary

Any living or commercial space is not just defined by the structures on that property, but also the surrounding environment or landscape. In fact, a beautiful and tranquil environment can be a great source of calmness and relaxation in a world of constant stress and motion. When purchasing landscaping material for your property, it is important to look for reliable suppliers who have a wide range of landscaping materials to choose from.

Landscape Supplies in Calgary

grass seeds

Whether you are a landscaping contractor or a private property developer, you can find dependable suppliers of landscaping materials in Calgary. They offer a wide variety of unique landscaping materials, such as sedum sod, live roof systems, precast products and decorative natural stone in Calgary. These companies allow you to source rent and even purchase anything that is required for professional landscaping. The best thing is that they will conveniently deliver these materials to your premise without any delays. Some of the landscape supplies you can get from these companies include:

  1. Turf Grass: If you need professionally grown layers of grass on your property, turf grass will be the best for you. The grass in grown using the latest methods in agriculture. The suppliers examine and rate different turf varieties so as to ensure that they only offer beautiful and tough varieties that can withstand different conditions. They have carefully selected grass seeds that are suitable for the Calgary climate.
  2. Bulk Products: These suppliers also offer different bulk products. They have a large selection of soils, mulches, sand, gravel, crush, washed, as well as decorative rocks. Their aesthetically pleasing mulch helps in improving the fertility and water retention capabilities of the soil. It is also a natural weed and pest-control method. Moreover, their sand and soil materials are ideal for top dressing, potting and different landscaping projects.

Whether you need limestone to cover the walkways or road crush for driveways, these suppliers will be able to meet your needs. They also offer specially engineered soils that may be used to grow different types of vegetation, including rooftop plants. The soils are blended with sufficient nutrients and moisture to support healthy growth of vegetation.

  1. Hardscapes: Whether you want to make pavements, pizza ovens, fireplaces or retaining walls, these companies will provide you with the materials you need. They have a broad line of hardscape products that will add timeless beauty to your landscaping project. Whether you need precast or natural stone in Calgary, they have you covered. They have patio stones, stack-stones, natural and quarried stones that can be used for different landscaping projects.
  2. Green Roofs: There is not just one single way of preparing green roofs. A good landscape material supplier will evaluate, recommend, and then grow vegetated roof systems, as well as plants, depending on the conditions of the green roof project site. Their progressive solutions can suit just about any live roof project.

These suppliers also have different types of fertilizers that can be used to nourish the grass and plants in different landscaping projects. Moreover, their wide variety of grass seeds allows you to choose the best grass variety for your specific landscaping projects. Regardless of the landscaping projects you are handling, these companies can supply you with the type of material you need. They normally ensure timely delivery of these products and their well-trained and experienced staff members can advise you on the best solution for your specific landscaping projects.