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RESP is the rebranded company as the knowledge first financial company. This company has been in the business field in the year since 1965. This company is now again rebuilding his career in this field and coming to its position in the market. Knowledge first financial company is again aiming to the be the no.1 in the market in the field of business. This company also provide or offers educational saving services and products, as this is the dealer of scholarship plan retailing with the RESPs company. This knowledge first financial company has began with a new approach by changed its foundation and corporation name, along with some changes in its brand image and bringing some transformation in it.

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It has come with a new vision and mission, to regain this place in the business field in the market. Its vision and mission are very simple for the education related services. Its vision is to support and help students in completing their post-secondary education by giving them solutions for a peace of mind and also to become one of the top company and to be recognized as a leader who are helping the students in achieving a peace of mind for a better future. But lastly, this company recognizes its strength in the finer details only. To bring this organization to a very long term, sustainable growth and last it for 10-15 years, George Hopkinson joined the company in the year 2009 as the president and CEO and changed the company in many ways just to achieve the goal. As you already know that, part of the company is included under the name of transformation, which will lead to the growth plan. And the main goal of this company is from the existing 10 percent of nationwide market share, the company wants to become a NO.1 retailer company  in  Canada. Hopkinson tells that the along with the existing names like international scholarship foundation and USC education saving plans, other new name has been implemented to this company named Knowledge first financial, which rebrand this company. And he thinks that the former is an outdated name and RESP indicates nothing more than a university and when it comes to the scholarship, than according to him this word doesn’t have much meaning behind it or behind the word.

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George Hopkinson wanted a name that will some heavy and strong meaning behind it. A name will bring have a better position or No.1 position in the market. He wanted a name which will reflect and sound like the company is U.S based but it will be Canada based only and something which will sound that the company is doing business with international but in reality it would be only working for Canada. Therefore, it is the only reason why is wanted to change and rebrand the company name. by doing so, and with this new name i.e., Knowledge First Financial of the company, George Hopkinson thinks that, this company is going last in the market for a very long term and will create it No.1 position.