Phentermine – A knowhow and Precautions

Phentermine with fen is no longer available so phen alone or in conjunction with other drugs gives the same effect is prescribed for weight loss. Though this drug seems less risky compared to fen phen it is better to take this drug under the supervision of a medical professional and a thorough health check up before commencing on the drug, as an underlying health condition may be disastrous and be fatal for the user.

Persons who have agitated state of mind most of the times, allergic to certain medications and also already taking other dietary pills should avoid Phentermine pills. It should also be borne in mind that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are cautioned against taking in PHENTERMINE pills. Apart from the obesity level and weight of the person, other factors that determine phentermine dose is the age of the patient, his or her health condition at the time and if they are sensitive to any component or medicine.


It is mainly prescribed for severely overweight and obese individuals to suppress the appetite. Even though they come with lot of herbal and natural ingredients which really help in suppressing the appetite and aid in weight loss, they may also contain few ingredients which cause negative effects. it is important to look at all the ingredients present before going for phen equivalent.

A set of psychostimulant drugs which belong to Schedule IV controlled substances are known by a generic name phentermine. These supplements come with a risk of causing addiction, abuse, misuse and even overdose. This is the reason they are controlled substances. They are very similar to very popular appetite suppressant called amphetamine. That is the reason phentermine should be used for short period. These supplements can give results when accompanied by enhanced physical activity and reduced calorie diet plan.

Precautions to be taken while using Phentermine pills

  • The most important is the fact that Phentermine pills are addictive in nature and they should be recommended by a doctor only and self medicating is very dangerous proposition when factored into use of phentermine.
  • The doctor should have a prior intimation of your health conditions and assess a prior health check up before prescribing the Phentermine pills to the patient.
  • Only pills may not give you the full potential of weight loss unless a regulated diet and exercise.
  • Required dosage recommended by the doctor should be followed and more than that to lose weight quickly will be hazardous for the body.
  • One more important thing is this drug should be taken as per doctor’s suggestion. Sustained release capsules should not be chewed, crushed or opened. If done so this will lead to severe and adverse side effects.
  • If you skip your any dosage don’t overdose on the next dosage time as this will hamper your body. There is also age restriction; persons under 16 years of age should not consume Phentermine pills.
  • It has to be noted that people who have also taking MAO inhibitors have to avoid Phentermine which cause a dangerous combination which may prove fatal for the person.