Online Store – Where To Start?

While others make plans to build their own business, you can turn your dreams into reality. Find out how to start an online store, what to look for when choosing e-commerce software and what to sell!

Choose software for online store

The basic tool that you will use when handling every order placed by customers is the online store software. What solution you will choose will be very significant for the configuring the appearance of the store, adding products, timing to fulfill the order as well as the number of people that will be needed to handle them.

That’s why it’s worth using intuitive software in the subscription model e.g. Monthly fee, guarantee access to all necessary functions, which gives you the possibility to focus on the promotion of your store and its development. Working in a SaaS model helps the owner of the store because it removes the responsibilities associated with customizing the software to the requirements related to personal data protection, changes introduced by Google, any technical defects, as well as following the trends observed in e-commerce.

Online Store

What to look for in the online store software?

Choosing the right software to run your store should be preceded by a thorough investigation, thanks to which you will learn not only about the different functions but also the integration that is available with various partners. Good SaaS software should have:

  • Possibility to configure an online store without having IT knowledge.
  • Integrations with wholesalers allowing automatic downloading of products without manual input.
  • Integrations with warehouse and accounting programs, payment gateways, couriers, marketplaces and eBay, Amazon.
  • Administration panel that allows you to handle the order with a few clicks, which saves time a lot of time.
  • Functionalities such as convenient shopping basket, pop-up window installation, customer loyalty program.
  • Sales monitoring tools.
  • Online store adapted to traffic from mobile devices – preferably made in RWD technology, which allows you to adjust the size of the displayed elements to each device.

If you find software that meets your requirements, choose first a trial period during which you will be able to check the system its possibilities.

Before setting up an online store, remember that just like any other commercial activity, its running requires the establishment of a legal business. The regulations, however, are favorable to people starting their own companies.

In addition to the obligations associated with setting up a company, your online store must have terms and conditions. This should be handled by lawyers.

Plan a budget and specify fixed costs

When you chose the software that is the best for you, is time to specify products that you want to sell and calculate all the costs. Special attention should be paid to fixed costs, which include:

  • The subscription fee for software,
  • Tax – if you run a business,
  • Accounting service,
  • Costs of renting warehouse space,
  • Advertising budget, e.g. Google Ads,SEO, advertising on Facebook.

Initial calculations will help you estimate the costs of running an online store. Remember that these are only estimates, and the amounts spent on its development may change.