Moving To A New Office Space

Moving to a new office space can be a stressful and time-consuming experience without the proper help. Businesses can switch offices for a variety of reasons: the company might have hired a lot of new employees, or the rent on the existing may be too high. Make sure that you are fully prepared before making the decision to move into a new building because you don’t want to regret your decision later on.

Read this helpful guide in order to make moving premises as easy as possible.

Moving To A New Office Space

Research Different Premises Before Moving

The proper amount of research into a new office will prevent you from choosing a space which is not suitable. Make sure to weigh up all the important points before making a final decision. The rent and utilities should not place too much of a strain on the company finances. Also, the office should be in a convenient location so that all the employees can get to work on time without having to spend hours stuck in lots of traffic as they travel across town.

The size of the office needs to be considered as well. A floor space may look large when it is empty, but how much room will there be when the office is full of desks, computers and people. Check the fire exits for safely and note down if there are any other potential hazards such as loose ceiling tiles or frayed wires.

Arrange An Office Fitout

Arranging the design and layout of the new office should be handled by a professional company like Saracen office designers. You will be able to customise the entire office space, from having cubicles installed to fitting meeting rooms with ergonomic tables and chairs. The office fitout should be planned well in advance to avoid any mistakes. Whilst you are consulting with the designers, they may have suggestions about how to maximise the potential of your office space – take their advice on board and weigh up whether their suggestions are valid.

Renew Your Insurance

Business insurance against fire, floods and theft is incredibly important and shouldn’t be neglected. You will need to check whether a new insurance policy is required for a move to a new building. Double-check whether your existing insurance can be transferred because it is a mistake to move into new premises without having the appropriate cover in the event of an emergency.

Inform Your Clients

Informing your clients about a change of premises is more than just a matter of courtesy. If you have regular meetings with clients at the office, you don’t want them to accidentally turn up at the old building. This could cause you a great deal of embarrassment and may displease your clients. A mix-up like this may put a strain on the business relationship.

Switching premises doesn’t have to be a difficult process because forward-planning will help to make the transition as smooth as possible. Follow this easy guide and you shouldn’t run into any problems.