Making Inbound Marketing Work For Your Business

When it comes to the internet, users are saturated with various kinds of marketing and advertisement for products. The reason for this is that there are so many different things on the internet vying for people’s attention that companies try to be the loudest ones in the room. Although being loud can be helpful, some people will more than likely skip whatever a company is trying to sell. But with an inbound marketing strategy that tries to draw a customer to the services and products offered, they will come to you and you will just have to let what you are selling do the talking. However, for such a strategy to work, there are many components that will have to be at play, such as the social media and content marketing as well as using the best search engine optimisation (SEO) practices to cultivate your business into a brand. For this kind of assistance, finding a digital agency in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth and Brisbane should be first on your list. Read further for more tips:

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Quality content rules

High-quality content on the internet is vital. Content that will be published on your website should not only engage your audience but also entertain, educate and inspire them towards something. Users must feel compelled to share your content with their social media network which will reach more people. If the website has subpar content, users will leave in droves and this will impact negatively on your ranking on search engine’s results pages. This means publishing blogs that the audience on the website will find interesting and are linked to the products and services you are offering. Ask questions, solve challenges and issues that a user might have, with the solution being your product. This way, you are educating your users and then introducing them to your products. Quality content is important but so is publishing according to a schedule. It can be on certain days of the week or once a month, as long as it is consistent. You can then use the blogs to engage users and convert them into leads by offering premium content and newsletters to those who sign up. Once you have their information, you can work to make them a buying customer.

Search Engine Optimisation

It helps nobody to have groundbreaking content, yet no users are visiting your site for reading it, sharing it and commenting on it. But for this to happen, the audience needs to find your content. The best way to do this is to ensure that your website is on the right side of SEO practices and that your content also does not fail in this regard. By employing certain SEO strategies, techniques and tactics, a website can increase the number of visitors it gets through ranking high in the results pages of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Rarely do users go through all the search results pages as the most traffic is directed towards the first page, especially the top three. Such strategies include content with keywords that are relevant to users such as find the nearest restaurant or how to fix a tyre. Such keywords are relevant because most users start their searches this way and your content will be visible as a result. Some strategies also include optimising metadata, header, URL, insert keywords in the images and some text so that it has a better chance to appear in search queries.

Social media marketing

Using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest to engage with your audience is an effective way to learn about who they are, what they are interested in and what about your website can be improved. Engaging with your audience also gets them to interact with you and ensure that their needs are met which result in a greater relationship with them. Another positive aspect of using social media platforms is that you can promote your content to your followers which will generate more website traffic and potential leads. Once your loyal users like a blog that you have published, they can use these social media platforms to like, share and comment on them which will result in more people seeing your content. No level of exposure and ripple effect created by retweets is ever a terrible thing, so one share might result in a lead being converted into a customer. You can schedule posts on social media platforms so that it seems you are always engaged.


A strong brand is not cultivated in a day. It takes weeks, months and even years to build an entity that can be recognizable at a single glance, from a colour or the kind of content that is published. Such a brand is not only trusted by its most loyal customers, but casual consumers would also swear by the brilliance of the brand. But where does it all start? It starts with having a marketing strategy that will work and then have the capacity to pull it off. It is about having content that is good enough to pull in readers and having a website that is user-friendly, so visitors are not immediately bored and hightail it to your competitor. It must be easy to use and navigate so everything they are looking for is not hidden. With more and more people accessing the internet using mobile devices, a terrific way to tap into this market is to create a mobile version of your website or even an app they can easily download. With easy access to your products, users will have a better time browsing through your products and services. When users can trust you, they will be able to trust your company, and this is how you gain people loyal to your brand.

For all your inbound marketing needs and more, you can contact a digital agency that has proven success in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. At Livelong Digital, we will not let you down.