Lifting 2 Go Is The Right Lifting Equipment Solution For Your Home Or Business Needs

Lifting heavy items, whether it be in your home or in your business, has always been a challenge. The main issue is that most businesses and homes don’t have a ton of things that have to be lifted on a regular basis, which makes buying a larger, more expensive solution out of the questions. However, moving furniture, boxes and other heavy items does still happen fairly commonly, which makes renting solutions more expensive than it needs to be. The good news is that if you live in Australia, Lifting 2 Go has the solution.

Lifting 2 Go is an industrial lifting equipment retailer. They offer a number of heavy lifting solutions that can address any heavy lifting need. If your home or business has light lifting needs such as the need to move furniture, items in storage or other small lifting jobs, they offer equipment such as hydraulic lift furniture movers and high lift pallet jacks. These lifting machines are designed to fit into smaller spaces while offering the optimal levels of function. However, Lifting 2 Go doesn’t stop there.

Lifting 2 Go also offers a wide range of affordable industrial lifting solutions such as scissor lift tables, electric scissors lifts, pallet trucks and more. They offer the best in quality at the most affordable prices to ensure that your business has what it needs to operate efficiently without breaking the bank.

Home Or Business Needs

What’s more is that Lifting 2 Go makes it possible to save even more money on your lift solution. They offer free in store pickup as well as $40 shipping to metro areas like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. There is no better way to get the lifting solutions you need to your home or business location.

How is Lifting 2 Go able to offer such great deals on such quality lifting equipment? Simple. Everything comes down to sourcing.

Team Systems, the parent company of Lifting 2 Go, explores all available options for sourcing the lifting equipment they sell. This includes direct sourcing from many overseas manufacturers. By sourcing their inventory directly, they are able to reduce acquisition costs by cutting out the middle man, putting them in the unique position to be able to offer high quality equipment for less than most of their competitors. It’s a win-win solution.

If you need lifting equipment for your home or business, and you are located in Australia, make Lifting 2 Go the first stop on your list. You won’t find better deals on the perfect equipment for your lifting needs. For more information about the equipment that Lifting 2 Go sells, to find out more about the warranties they offer or to lean how you can speak to a lifting equipment expert, please visit You’ll be glad you did.

Lifting2go makes it easy to get the quality lifting equipment you need for less. Visit today to learn more about the lifting equipment they offer.