LED TECHNOLOGY – A Comprehensive Overview

LED are light emitting diodes, these semiconductor diodes emit light when current is applied. LED has found to be of great use in various industries. They are tiny lights in red, blue and green color. The technology used by these is the cold light technology which prevents them from wasting energy of any kind, as the heat produced by the device is very less.


The ultra violet LED’s are used in water sterilization process. They are also known to be used in the disinfection process. They are also beneficial for plants growth, as they emit rays which help in photosynthesis. They are widely used in calculators, watches and cell phones. Also television has advanced its display and started the use of LED’s. They are also used in digital and sign display boards. Traffic lights also make the use of these LED’s. Also it was used in interior lightings and also for headlights of cars and emergency lights. As the cost of producing these LED’s decreased, it started fining it use in many areas.

led technology


They were accidentally discovered when the electricity was applied to the silicon carbide semiconductor and it resulted in producing light. The light produced was too small to be of any use and hence the research was left there only but it did have a future. Years later some scientist again discovered the first infrared led technology. This led to discovery of red LED, followed by almost all colors of LED being available now. The cost of these was very high and hence it was used only in expensive labs and for test equipments. With the advancement in this technology, their popularity is increasing widely and consumers are now switching onto these lights from the conventional bulbs. They provide better and eco friendly illumination and hence are widely used.


Energy conservation- LED’s are known for their energy conservation. They save the heat energy by utilizing all the energy to light up the lamp. They have a good shelf life and maintenance costs are also low.

Expanding applications- the uses of LED is no longer just limited to homes and offices uses for illuminating an area. They are now also being used in various medical fields. One example is the restorative dentistry where the blue LED is used for activating the oral materials. LED’s are also known to be used in the optics and optical industry. They are also used in the display screens of television sets and laptops for more clarity and high definition experience. Also mobiles, tablets, I pads and other similar gadgets have the use of LED’s in them.

Technology replacement- these have provided a platform for replacement by bulbs known as the CRS MR16. They directly replace the fluorescent lights. They have a huge shelf life and are known for energy consumption.

With so many uses and applications, this technology is sure to grow more with time and prove to be even more useful.   Research for various other uses is still going on and is sure to give more impetus to the light industry.