Know How Welfront Group Enables You Avail Tax Benefit in Property Deals

Based in Florida, if you’re one among the non-profit charitable communities and in search of good commercial real estate properties, for you, the best choice intermediary Real Estate Broker Company is none but The Welfont Group. Since its inception in 2005, the dedicated realty company has supported thousands of non-profit companies as well as property sellers to avail the advantage of tax exempted commercial real estate deals.

Headquartered in Tampa, FL the commercial real estate brokerage group boasts of being your most trusted, highly dependable and always up-to-date property manager that enables you making deals via Internal Revenue-Code 170 Bargain Sale transaction. The company is outfitted with a trademark as a ‘170 Exchange specialist’.

The company has been focused on finding charitable buyer groups, and as an extremely seasoned and outfitted executor, it managers every investment and property management deal from the beginning to its closing with best expertise, competence and fulfillment. Founded by Joe Johnson, PhD one of the most promising commercial real estate investors and entrepreneurs in America, the group is intended to offer the finest class of commercial real estate advisory and deals backed by tax exemption benefits. All property deals are undertaken sticking to federal and state rules and regulations with 100% transparency and highest amount of clients support.

The Process of Commercial Property Acquisition

Tax Benefit in Property Deals

Investment Strategy Building

Prepared with a specialized team consisting of property analysts, property managers and realty advisors, its core group sits with you to understand your property needs and objectives. The ins and outs of your requirements are comprehensively analyzed that basically help formulate a broad strategy bearing in mind your investment aim. In the session, all important aspects relating to buyer’s risk factors, investment outcome, involvement, liquidity potential and preferences are assessed with care.


Following the agreement and based upon your investment objectives and plans, its marketing cell undergoes comprehensive research in order to find the most matching property holder to your investment outlooks. The research process is quite extensive that consider the national database as well the group’s strong network that it has been developed successfully over the last decade.


In order to optimize your investment yield, it markets the buyer’s profile, objectives of the investor and communicates them to potential brokers as well in sellers market by means of most modern online marketing means.

Selection Process

On selection of the properties, it offers you the list of sellers together with the details of their possessions. As a specialist in property deals and your advisor, the investment managers of The Welfont Group also help you in the property selection process. With their long expertise, insight and knowledge in property management, it finds the most ideal candidate for you.


The process of acquisition begins only after thorough verification process, property related reports and party background check. Once these are found in order, the company works in combination with you as well as the other part (seller) of the deal and finalize the closing with a win-win finale.