How To Successfully Solve A Dispute With Your Business Partner?

If you are a businessman, owner of a private company who unselfishly offer labor and hard work trying to secure a deserved place in the market, then it means that you are not alone, you rather cooperate with many other companies and individuals and spend time actively, sometimes hard, maybe working under pressure and stress. Here at passi patel we offer legal support to all business owners who are experiencing different kinds of problems.

Certainly you have business partners with whom you work, and your cooperation is based only on a verbal agreement, sometimes by signing and a written contract with your business partner.

Business Partner

When entering into business deals always optimistically approach them with great expectations for positive results and the successful business cooperation with business partners and of course after the signing of the contract or official moment when the oral agreement is considered concluded, monitor operation as a sign of goodwill and consent the expected future cooperation.

“We cannot shake hands with clenched fists” – Gandhi

But have you ever experienced a twist of all the things that you agreed in the wellbeing of operation of your company? Did you enter so far in conflict with a business partner?

Did you suffer damage? You’ve lost customers because of bad business cooperation with your partner? You lost trust in your business partner because of failure to stick to the contract?

If your answers to the questions is yes, then you have spent time in court personally and of course you have suffered stress from lower or higher intensity depending on every individual experience.

As a prevention, when concluding contracts, you need to provide legal protection or the so called CONTRACTUAL MEDIATION. It is good to state that in the event of any dispute, the dispute will be resolved peacefully through mediation prior to approaches to resolving the problems. So, that way you are protected in case of any dispute, but first try to solve the problems in a peaceful way through negotiations with the mediation of a third neutral person who is a licensed mediator and try to find a solution to the dispute.

How can we overcome these situations with the business partner, painlessly, with a good final outcome and as soon as possible time, because the business will not tolerate such thing? In mediation, conflict is a precondition for a positive outcome with a creative solution to the dispute, constantly striving towards a unique solution in order to an achieve win – win situation.

Through mediation, you are able to create a way of resolution of the dispute that you are dealing with through negotiation and offer options for resolving a particular dispute according to your personal interest as a manager and according to what is of interest to your company of course, outside the court without many formalities and rules. That is in fact the best way to solve an issue with a business partner.