How to Make a Successful Transition from College to Career

The transition period from college to career is a true changing of the guards. To the outside world, you are a fresh faced, 21-23 year old kid that is looking to make a dent in the world. On the inside, your soul is craving for the college lifestyle that you have come to know and love.  Confusion and self-loathing usually ensue. Luckily for you, you are reading an article that spells out how exactly to make a successful transition from college to career. Read on to learn more.

Acknowledge the Reality

Ahh, the real world, glad to finally meet you. This is what my professors have been talking about with great haste! In life, it’s always a good idea to acknowledge the situation that you’re in; that’s how you get your bearings. With that said, let us begin.

transition from college to career

A great way to begin the transition from college to career is to realize that you’re not in college anymore and the real world doesn’t care that you miss it. You’re apart of the working class now; this is your reality.  Sure, sometimes you might share a cup of coffee and a moment with a misty-eyed coworker reminiscing about the glory days of college; but don’t let the past control your present. The truth is in the real world, your boss primarily cares that you can accomplish the job that they are paying you for. It’s all about the bottom line. Never forget that.

You are only hired by your employer to accomplish a specific task. You need acknowledge this truth. Now don’t be fooled, if you play your cards right, you can have more fun during your professional career than you had in college. Just know that in the real world you are expected to perform; never forget this truth.

Embrace the Transition

So now that we have acknowledged that we are not a college student anymore, I want you to embrace the transition from college student to young professional. Why? It’s always easier to embrace change than to fight it. Usually those who fight changes that they cannot control, end up loosing in a big way.  Embrace your new professional life! Isn’t that what you went to college for in the first place? If you consciously embrace the transition from college to career, you will make the mental stress much easier on yourself. Embrace the transition, it’s the mature thing to do.

Loose Bad College Habits

Now I know that I’m not the only one here who has slept through an 8:00 AM class and ended up ok; but looking back after being in the real world, I’m embarrassed.  The real world requires you to remove the bad habits you picked up during college. I’m talking about sleeping in, staying up late partying, going out in your pajamas, and pushing things off to the last minute.

Again, I’m going back to the theme of this article. You’re not in college anymore you need to be responsible. Show up to work on time if not 10 minutes early. Don’t stay up late partying during the workweek. (That’s why they invented happy hour.) Take care of your appearance including your online persona and push tasks off to the last minute. You’re a professional now, remember that!

Look at the Big Picture

I don’t want you to be bummed out thinking that the real world is a drag and your best years are behind you. Give yourself some credit; you’re still a fun person who does cool things. I want you to consider the big picture of your life. Examine your life from to determine how you can work and also be happy. When you examine life from the big picture, you’ll realize that by starting a career you have an opportunity to build the life of your dreams. Use this knowledge as motivation for your life and put that University of Maryland’s mba degree online to good work!