How to Make a Product Demo that Really Stands Out

When you have an amazing product to offer, you will want to show it off to your customers and reveal to them what it is capable of doing. Your consumer wants to be able to see and test the product in a no pressure environment, so product demos are a great way to improve your sales, enhance your brand awareness and increase your customer satisfaction. Product demonstrations are one of the most effective field marketing services, as demonstrations can get your product into the hands of people who have never seen or heard of it before.

How to Make a Product Demo that Really Stands Out

Of course, with so many other products on the market you need to be able to make your product really stand out with this demo. How can you create a product demo that really makes a big impression?

Demonstrating a product is a little more complicated than it looks – it’s not just about standing up in a shop and showing your product to everyone who walks by. You will need to be charming, engaging and an effective salesperson in order to create a memorable impression with your product demo. Here are some tips for improving the effectiveness of your in store product demonstration.

Tips for an Effective and Powerful In-Store Product Demo

  • Be as prepared as possible. Have everything you need in advance so that you are not caught short when demonstrating the product.
  • Make sure that you pay attention to your appearance. You should be clean and well-groomed and wearing neat and professional looking clothing. People will make their first impression of the brand based on how you look, so make sure that an unkempt appearance doesn’t put them off.
  • Have a well-designed demonstration booth that catches the eye of people passing by.
  • Instead of telling the customer that your product is the best – show them why it is the best. Highlight the specific features of the product that make it stand out from the rest.
  • Are you very knowledgeable about the way the product works? You should be able to answer any question that might come up so that you can educate consumers about the product.
  • If the customer asks you something about the product that you don’t know, don’t try to fake an answer. You can either promise to get back to them with more information or direct them to the website where the information can be found – such as on the company’s website. Don’t try to figure out the product together with them, because if you can’t figure it out easily it will seem complex and you will seem incompetent.
  • Involve the customer in the demonstration so that they can actually experience using the product. Let them press the buttons, taste the food and handle the product themselves.
  • You should be standing up during the demo. Sitting down shows that you are tired and disinterested and standing up makes you appear more commanding and energetic. You might get tired throughout the day, so take the occasional break to sit down and rest – out of the view of potential customers.
  • The interaction with the customer should be a conversation rather than a speech. You don’t want to simply give them a monologue about the product, you want to engage them and answer their specific questions.
  • Listen to the customer and respond to their questions and comments about the product.
  • Have a clear call to action. Think about what action you want the customer to perform after they see the demonstration (buy the product, sign up for your mailing list, take a free coupon, etc.) and make sure that you clearly state this call of action at the end of the demonstration.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind in order to create a very effective and memorable product demonstration. With the right preparation and technique you can demonstrate your product in the most exciting and engaging way and get customers interested. Of course, if you don’t want to worry about all this and you want to leave your product demonstration in the hands of the professionals, you might want to consider hiring a product demonstration agency. They have the experience and skills to create a very eye-catching and captivating product description that will get people interested in your product.