How To Find A Good Office For Rent?

Renting an office is not an easy task, as it requires an examination of the information on the real estate market all over the city. When choosing an office, it is necessary to find the optimum conditions for you and luckily commercial property in Toronto allows you to do it.

Criteria when choosing an office

Good Office For Rent

• Location
Check if there are bus stations or metro stations near the office so that it is convenient to get to the office from different areas of the city. Calculate how much time you will need to travel from home to the office. The less time it takes the better. The more convenient it is for your employees to get to the office, the easier it will be to hire staff.

• Parking and traffic jams
Check if it is convenient or not to park near the office. Is there parking for tenants and how much it costs to park there. Check how serious traffic jams are near the office. There are offices in city center to which couriers refuse to go, because they will have to spend a lot of time in the traffic.

• Renovation
Make sure that you can open all the windows and that the sockets, lighting, air conditioning, and the doors work properly. This is particularly important for older buildings. On top floors, pay attention to the ceiling – the roof may leak.

• The presence of competitors
If near your office, there are direct competitors, you should not rent such an office. You will probably not want your employees to be lured by another company. The same is true for your customers. On the contrary, it is good to have a company nearby, which works in the same field as you do but is not your direct competitor. For example, next to you, there might be an office of a company dealing with site developments while your company is doing contextual advertising. In this case, you colleagues from the neighboring office might send customers to you.

• Services included in the rental price
Ideally, the office owner should give you a final price, which already includes electricity, water, heating, cleaning, garbage removal, security bills. But very often, you have to pay separately for these services

• Security
Ask what level of security there is in the office. If the security guard works 24/7 or not or if there is an alarm.

• Expansion Capabilities
Find out how often tenants are replaced and if you will be able to rent a larger area in the same building in the future. This is important if you plan to develop actively. What’s more, if you need a space to store some unimportant things, you may also find storage for rent.

• Working hours
The ideal situation is when you can access the office at any time, including weekends. However, often, rented offices have strict working hours, which you will have to take into account.

• Cafes nearby
Check out if there are cheap cafes near the office. You and your employees need a place to dine. In addition, you can hold some small meetings in a café.